juan pablo bachelor women tell all The Bachelor: The Women Tell All ... and <i>lay into</i> Juan Pablo“The Women Tell All” special for this particular “Bachelor” season should be fairly interesting, considering how many bumps in the road Juan Pablo has had this this season. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Sean & Catherine

Chris Harrison brings up “the wedding night” and Catherine gets in some funny quips, talking about “quick fireworks” and this exchange:

Harrison: “The wedding night. So much has been made, we made so much about it — and I apologize for that.”
Catherine: “Do you?”

That was hilarious — perfect timing and delivery on Catherine’s part. Then there’s a “Muppets” segment, but I’m not recapping that. The Muppets are great, but yeah. Long story short: Sean and Catherine are happy and going to start their family in a year or so.

the bachelor women tell all 2014 The Bachelor: The Women Tell All ... and <i>lay into</i> Juan PabloThe Women Dish

There’s time devoted to how hot Juan Pablo is and why that wasn’t enough for the ladies. It’s interesting that the women are echoing Andi’s sentiments that he never asked them about themselves. I’m not discounting that at all, but that’s not how the show was edited and what we’re shown is all we can go by, you know?

You’d think that if Andi was a frontrunner for “Bachelorette” that the editors would have at least thrown in a few segments here and there of how Juan Pablo wasn’t showing much interest in learning about the women so that it didn’t come out of left field with Andi (which it felt like it did).

Kelly then calls out Lauren S. in particular, but all the women in general, about how this is a different story than they were spinning when they were a part of the show and how perhaps it’s sour grapes. I think that’s some of it, but it’s also the hindsight is 20/20 thing. Removed from the excitement of the situation, it probably feels different to them now.

Andi then says something really interesting. She thinks Juan Pablo was there to find someone, but she thinks he was there to find a girlfriend — someone to see if it works out with after the show wrapped, while the rest of them were there to find a husband.

This lends a little weight to my being on Juan Pablo’s side of the Andi-Juan Pablo fight last week. People were lauding her for “calling him out” and realizing what “The Bachelor” really is and all this stuff, but I think she was trying to stir up drama because Juan Pablo wasn’t into her and/or the process enough.

You know what we could all do? We could all stop acting like you actually find your spouse in the short amount of time this show takes place over. Finding a girlfriend or boyfriend and then hoping it works out is FINE. What is wrong with that?

The couples from this show didn’t run out and get married immediately after the finale aired. They spent time together and made sure it was for real, or they broke up. That seems perfectly reasonable to me.

Now, after the commercial, Kat calls Juan Pablo out for changing the rules left and right on the women, which is totally fair. He did do that. It was like he wasn’t sure what his personal boundaries. They talk about the Clare ocean incident and all the women are in agreement that Juan Pablo did not handle that the right way. No, he did not.

sharleen women tell all bachelor special The Bachelor: The Women Tell All ... and <i>lay into</i> Juan PabloSharleen’s Hot Seat

After the requisite embarrassing video montage of her time on the show, Sharleen very tellingly says she “knows what’s supposed to happen at the end” of “The Bachelor” and that’s why she left. Heh. Yes. A proposal is expected and she wasn’t anywhere near even being able to fake that with Juan Pablo.

But really the gist is that Sharleen found herself a hunk of man meat who she was very physically attracted to, but her connection with him wasn’t there. She does defend him to the other girls in terms of saying that he was quite curious about her and she’s right — that’s what we saw all the time with the two of them.

Renee and Andi’s Hot Seat

Renee seems awesome and very nice, but her segment is kind of boring. We’re delighted for her that she’s engaged, though. Congratulations, Renee.

Andi’s time obviously focuses on her fantasy suite date. She says that Juan Pablo was being negative about the whole process of the show and not being grateful for the opportunity he had. Huh. Well, that isn’t a huge deal, for me. I can see how that would rankle someone, particularly if they are totally into it and think they’re going to find a husband, but Sharleen has been way more candid about the process of “The Bachelor” than Andi has.

Now, if he was telling her she “barely” made it to the Top 3 over Renee, that’s crappy. That’s not what you say to someone. I’m in agreement with Andi that if you care about someone, you don’t tell her that. But you can’t say honestly is good and then be mad when he’s honest. You can get your feelings hurt, but don’t pretend like you want honesty, when clearly you don’t.

Because remember how she was so upset that he kept saying, “It’s OK.” That was him being honest with her — that was him saying that it’s OK for her to leave, it’s OK for her to admit she’s not feeling it with him. But she wanted him to be more upset and to fight/argue with her. That’s not wanting honesty.

juan pablo women tell all bachelor The Bachelor: The Women Tell All ... and <i>lay into</i> Juan PabloJuan Pablo on the Hot Seat

Time for the man of the hour, so to speak. He says right from the get-go that he wouldn’t change anything and he was just trying to be honest. I agree with him about everything except Clare. He wasn’t being “honest” with her, he was projecting his embarrassment and “buyer’s remorse,” as Sharleen called it, onto Clare and that wasn’t fair.

Juan Pablo gives a good explanation for why he took things slow with Renee — though his weird kissing rules are still weird, but the Renee thing makes sense. Then Cassandra calls him out for going on Renee’s hometown date and how was that fair to Ben (Renee’s son)? Which is the stupidest thing and sounds very sour grape-y. He seemed really into Renee at that point and he wanted to meet her family. That’s OK, Cassandra.

The women then get into an interesting discussion about him always using the word “fair” and some of them seem to have confused the word “fair” with the word “equal.” Those two words are not the same thing. In Juan Pablo’s mind, it was “fair” to Renee (or to her son, rather) was to take things slow so as not to maybe hurt Ben’s feelings. To be “equal” would have been to kiss everybody or not kiss everybody.

Now, I agree that JP’s kissing rules were confusing at times, but being “fair” doesn’t necessarily mean you treat everybody the same way and some of these women seem to think it does.

Andi then gets into it with
Juan Pablo about him not looking for a wife and not taking the time to get to know them. Well, maybe he asked questions about the women he was truly interested in, because it seemed like he asked, for example, Sharleen and Clare a lot about themselves.

The stupid audience keeps applauding things, they must be being given electric shocks to jolt them into clapping.

Then Kelly starts in on Juan Pablo about the “gay ‘Bachelor'” comments, saying that they really offended her as a daughter of a gay parent. JP says he doesn’t want to get into it here, he wants to talk to Kelly privately and just says that he respects gay people and they are born that way, etc. etc. Victoria tells him not to use his English as a second language excuse anymore, while Sharleen defends him on being open-minded, based on a conversation they had that didn’t air. Hmm.

Harrison just recently said that there isn’t going to be a gay or unattractive “Bachelor” any time soon. What do you think, readers? Would you tune in for a gay “Bachelor”? Do you think it’s not appropriate for kids to watch?

Bloopers and Outtakes

There are some excellent clips of people acting silly, dancing, Molly peeing in the pool, Juan Pablo’s language barrier having him talking about his “little package” — he means his daughter and doesn’t realize he’s talking about his penis in this country.

Before the end of the show, the ladies say that Nikki and Clare are very different women, which — hmm. We think they’re more similar than they would care to admit.

The sneak peek of next week teases quite the drama-filled finale. Oh, the tears!

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