andi dorfman the bachelorette men tell all 'The Bachelorette: Men Tell All': Andi Dorfman and the guys weigh inThe “Men Tell All” reunion for “The Bachelorette” Season 10 was relatively drama-free (even taking into account what you didn’t see on TV). Andi Dorfman tells Zap2it that she thinks it speaks to what a great group of guys she had on her season, and the other guys break down the night for Zap2it as well.

Andi Dorfman: “I feel a lot of relief right now, it was definitely nerve-wracking. But the guys were good to me. They were awesome, I’m not just blowing smoke. I think it’s the best cast that’s ever been cast. I think you saw that tonight. You saw a group of guys that had the potential to be sour grapes, but they just had respect for me and for each other and it spoke volumes to how classy they are. That’s the biggest thing this season, there was respect.”

Chris Soules on seeing Andi: “It was good to have a little more closure with Andi. I felt like we were just able to say our goodbyes, and I hope that she has the best future that she can possibly have.”

Soules on J.J. calling him “a p****”:
“I was surprised. That was definitely a surprise. It was disappointing to see that. He had an opportunity to say that to my face, that was disappointing. I did not see that coming.”

Soules on the other bachelors: “It was hard to be friends with people who are dating the same woman, don’t get me wrong, but you have to mentally separate those two things. Coming here tonight and being able to be with them again and having all that stuff put away, now we’re just going to go spend time together and just be friends. I’ve been looking forward to that since the day I went home.

“The neat thing about it is I’m going to be able to fly anywhere in the country almost and have great people, great friends. I’ll walk into their house and start drinking out of their milk jug just to p*** ’em off. [laughs] These guys are real friends.”

Marcus Grodd on J.J.: “I was shocked they showed [J.J. calling Chris ‘a p****’], but I wasn’t shocked J.J. said that. He talked trash behind other guys’ backs. He waited five days on the phone number thing with Andrew and the racial slur with Marquel, whether that actually happened, he waited five weeks to bring it up. Coming from the source, from J.J., I don’t believe that Andrew said the racial slur.”

Marquel Martin on the reunion: “I think tonight went as expected for me. Going in, I knew I would have to address some serious topics. … I felt that although there wasn’t a definitive resolution to it, I am at peace with it. We don’t have the facts, but I will take Andrew’s word for it. I respect him for addressing the issue. I’m big on forgiveness.

“I felt bad for J.J. because he was being attacked. I wasn’t there for all of the drama that went down in the house, so why guys were so adamant about calling him out as not being a credible source, I have no idea.”

What did you think, “Bachelorette” fans?

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