the bachelorette men tell all season 10 'The Bachelorette: Men Tell All': What you didn't see on TVWe had the pleasure of attending the taping of “The Bachelorette: Men Tell All” special a week ago, and since it took over three hours to film but only roughly 90 minutes of footage actually gets used, Zap2it is here to reveal what you didn’t get to see on air.

  • J.P. and Ashley did do a real, live ultrasound, but we would like to point out that Ashley revealed she’s having a boy months ago. Anyway, it was just as weird live as it is on TV, and Ashley saying, “So I guess it’s really ‘Harrison'” is in reference to a joke Chris Harrison made that was cut where he said they should name their kid “Harrison Rosenbaum” — “That’s presidential, is what that is,” joked the host.
  • “Bachelor in Paradise” looks amazing. Harrison tells Zap2it that it ended up being “more than [production] ever dreamed of.”
  • The alleged racial comment and Andrew getting that hostess’ number dominated the evening during the taping, with a really interesting aspect of the discussion being how irritated many of the guys were that J.J. waited weeks to bring any of this up during the taping of the show. They also didn’t like how he didn’t confront Andrew about anything, he just mentioned it to other guys on the show. This broadcast did not convey at all how much the other guys found J.J. to be an unreliable source and some, frankly, didn’t believe him at all about what he claims Andrew said. Marquel defended J.J., but Chris and Marcus were particularly angry with J.J. and pretty much dismissed all of his claims. Chris also did not appreciate J.J. calling him “a p****” behind his back.
  • What’s interesting is that the show did air J.J.’s interruption about how he felt like he “got attacked,” though viewers didn’t really see the “attack” (which is a word I use loosely because I don’t think he was attacked at all). But point is — the show barely scratched the surface of how mad the guys were at J.J.
  • After Marquel’s hotseat segment, he went back to the other bachelors and he and Andrew exchanged a handshake. Marquel tells Zap2it, “I don’t want to attack Andrew as a person, I want to attack the topic at hand and let everyone know where I stand on the issue – it’s not something that’s OK, there’s no place for racism in society and in this world.”
  • Marcus’ segment is funny because he has to talk about how in love with Andi he was and how he still has mixed emotions, yet (spoilers for “Bachelor in Paradise,” highlight to read) we hear that he’s engaged after “Bachelor in Paradise,” so … awkward for that lucky lady watching this on TV, right?
  • In case anyone is interested, “Selfie” is charming and has good potential. The two leads are fantastic.
  • When Harrison intros Chris’ segment with, “Why didn’t Andi love this big-time farmer from small-town Iowa?”, one of the off-screen bachelors said, “You just said it.” It was pretty snotty. I don’t know who it was.
  • Andi told Zap2it backstage that it wasn’t really about Iowa at all. “If I’d fallen head-over-heels in love, I would have moved to Iowa in a second. No doubt. I will say that with a straight face every day and twice on Sundays. I would have moved to Iowa.” But she just wasn’t in love with Chris.
  • Now, this woman from the audience thing? Harrison claims he had no knowledge of this, but I call shenanigans. Someone from the show did urge Ketra (sp?) to fly down there for the “Men Tell All,” she said that at one point during her talk with Chris. Anyway, if you’ll notice, Chris was crossing his legs away from this woman — he looked super uncomfortable. But he did speak with her during the break in filming and she did give him her phone number. But backstage, Chris confessed to us that he doesn’t think he’ll actually call her — but Harrison says they will definitely give her a look for “The Bachelor” if Chris is the one they choose for next season.
  • I’m shocked they aired the Nick S. segment because he came into the “Men Tell All” being super weird and confrontational, where most of us were like, “Who are you again?” It surprises me he even got camera time. But it wasn’t just that one little question — he kept piping up all reunion.
  • Speaking of camera time, Chris Bukowski stood there in the audience for several minutes wanting to come down and meet Andi. It was very awkward. I kind of wish he’d tried to rush the stage and been like tased or something.
  • The “Andi’s pregnancy” segment was dumb at the taping and dumb here. Andi’s not pregnant, but it certainly made for a good teaser for ABC.
  • Lie detector results! Harrison says he’s not going to ask Andi again if she wants to know about her final 2’s results, but he told us backstage that he’s going to bring it back up at the finale next week.
  • Also, I’m surprised they aired that whole segment — stop slut-shaming Marcus! He told us backstage, “It went really well, besides getting called out by Chris on my lie detector. That was a little embarrassing.”

What did you think of the “Men Tell All” reunion special?

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