bachelorette rated r 320 'The Bachelorette': Scandal! We're shocked, shocked.Another season, another ginned-up “scandal” on “The Bachelorette.” This one involves one of Ali Fedotowsky‘s suitors, who’s quickly — and rightly — pegged as a guy who’s “there for the wrong reasons.”

Spoilers a-comin’, so if you’d rather go into the season fresh, go ahead and click elsewhere now.

The guy in question is Justin Rego, a pro wrestler whose stage name is “Rated-R.” We’ll learn this on the May 24 premiere, because he wears a T-shirt with “Rated-R” across the chest when he meets Ali.

“Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” authority Reality Steve has the details on what goes down after that. Rego sticks around for a while — until a woman named Jessica Spillas gets in touch with Ali through Jessie Sulidis — the bachelorette who outed Rozlyn Papa supposedly kissing a producer on the last “Bachelor.”

Spillas informs Ali that she’s Rego’s girlfriend, and that she knew about and supported his decision to do the show in order to further his career (Rego, by the way, has also appeared on a Canadian show called “Keys to the VIP,” where two guys compete to see who can pick up more women in a club. He lost).

The reason Spillas comes forward, according to Reality Steve, is because she discovers that Rego had been seeing another woman as well. Needless to say, the third woman in this quadrangle — Ali — doesn’t appreciate hearing about it, and that’s the end of Rated-R.

Until then, you can likely expect the same amount of subtle, understated hyping of the “scandal” and whatever shock waves it creates from the always-restrained ABC promotional team.

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