melissa rycroft baby boy instagram 'The Bachelor's' Melissa Rycroft reveals she's expecting a baby boyWhen Melissa Rycroft revealed she and husband Tye Strickland were expecting their second child in late October, they revealed that their 2-year-old daughter Ava would soon be a big sister. But on Thursday (Nov. 14), the “Bachelor” alum revealed she was expecting a son.

“When I found out [I was having a] boy, I just got really excited! And The, he’s such a guy’s guy, so personally I’m really happy he gets to do all his boy stuff,” Rycroft tells Us Weekly. “It’s so funny the first thing out of his mouth was, ‘I feel so much responsibility now!’ I was like, ‘Um have you not have felt it the past two and a half years?’ I guess there’s something to be said about the same sex parent taking the bulk of [responsibility].”

“I’ve been the one who’s been teaching Ava the basic. We do our dance stuff together and ballet, and I teach her how to do her hair and matching clothes,” Rycroft explains. “Now it’s kind of his turn to teach somebody how to throw and catch a ball and go outside and find worms.”

Rycroft, who is 17 weeks along, revealed the baby’s gender to her and Strickland’s parents during a small get-together by serving cupcakes with the color blue inside. “Ava was the one who ate the cupcake to let everyone know,” she tells the magazine.

Posted by:Billy Nilles