zap photo the band perry gallery 240 The Band Perry heads for 'Dancing With the Stars' and CMA AwardsThe Band Perry seems to be hitting all the right notes.

With “If I Die Young” a major crossover hit, songwriter Kimberly Perry and her literal brothers-in-performing Neil and Reid are marking the first anniversary of their self-named country debut album’s release today (Wednesday, Oct. 12). They’ll appear on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” Tuesday (Oct. 18), and — including Kimberly’s writing nomination — they have five bids in the 45th Annual CMA Awards, which ABC televises Wednesday, Nov. 9.

“We’ve been thrilled to see that song have such long legs,” Kimberly tells Zap2it about “If I Die Young,” which has gone triple platinum in sales. “It helps many people. It connects with two-year-olds and 80-year-olds, people who love country music and people who love pop music. We’re really excited to see it walk as far as it has, and it’s continuing with an international crossover now.

“It’s a phenomenal thing to be a part of that,” Kimberly adds. “We like to trace the moments all the way back to when we were writing it. Who’d have thought, fast-forwarding a couple of years, that we’d be having these conversations about it? It’s a gift, and we’re really grateful to have been trusted with it.”

it’s more than likely “If I Die Young” will be set to choreography on “Dancing With the Stars,” but that won’t be the first time. The Band Perry performed the tune with the Nashville Ballet at a benefit in March, “and it was beautiful,” Kimberly says. “If that was any indication of what we’re going to get to experience on ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ it’s going to be really powerful.”

With “The Band Perry” now yielding its fourth single, “All Your Life,” the Tennessee-based siblings hope the entire album will go platinum by year’s end. They report their label isn’t pressuring them for a follow-up … not at this point, anyway. “If we had it our way, every song (on the first album) would be a single,” Neil Perry reflects. “We love ’em all.”

“We have a plan for releasing another album next year,” Reid Perry reports. “We’re constantly writing for it, so it’s not like we’re going to be caught off-guard. They sat us down and said, ‘Whatever time it takes, let the music lead the way.'”

Kimberly Perry claims she doesn’t feel added pressure for similar success with the next release, but “maybe added responsibility. We certainly have a responsibility to continue to deliver music that means something, and to make good on this opportunity. There are lots of things we want to say, based on what we’ve lived over this last year, and we can’t wait to share them.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin