the big bang theory comic con panel 'The Big Bang Theory' at Comic Con 2014: What's coming in Season 8? The writers and executive producers of “The Big Bang Theory” surprised fans at Comic-Con 2014 on Friday (July 25) with a ton of teases, spoilers and fun facts about Season 8. Here’s all the highlights they revealed during the panel for the CBS comedy — which was moderated by “TBBT” superfan Craig Ferguson and began with Garfunkle & Oates performing a special version of Howard’s song for Bernadette. Yeah, it was as sweet as it sounds.

— Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Amy (Mayim Bialik) made progress last season in their relationship, both personally and as a couple. So will Sheldon’s walkabout be a positive or negative factor in his relationship? “He didn’t leave because of Amy, so I would argue that they have their own weird brand of happiness right now,” EP Steve Molaro says. He adds the kiss scene was such a stressful time in the writers room because they were so nervous about that they actually wrote another version of the scene that we haven’t seen.

— Will Amy and Sheldon ever get “down to business,” as one fan so eloquently put it? Writer/co-exec producer Eric Kaplan tried to reason his way around answering, wondering if knowing that the writers have it all planned out will ruin their emotional enjoyment of the show. EP Bill Prady elaborated a little bit, saying that Amy will not let Sheldon “not move” in their relationship and will find ways to make him concede. So … maybe?

— Is the elevator ever going to get fixed? “I think those stairs are the only exercise those guys get,” Molaro jokes. Prady explains the stairwells are the only place they can show the characters walking and talking, so don’t expect the elevator to start working anytime soon. Got to get in that cardio any way you can, right?

— One of the writers who got an interview to join the show in Season 2 only did so because they called the wrong Eric Kaplan. But hey, it worked out in his favor, since he impressed the other writers so much that they hired him anyways. Sorry to the other Eric Kaplan who never got a call to come in for an interview, sounds like you really missed out! 

— Fun fact: Carrie Fisher and James Earl Jones never actually met while filming “Star Wars.” The episode they both guest-starred on was the first time they ever met — no joke — and when Fisher first saw Jones, she greeted him by saying, “Dad!”

— Will we ever get to see Penny (Kaley Cuoco) and Wil Wheaton’s movie, “Serial Ape-Ist 2: Monkey See, Monkey Kill?” Not the entire movie, no. But: “We might have a movie trailer that we can show you right now,” Molaro says, before surprising the audience with just that:

— And then Wheaton himself joined the writers onstage!

— According to Wheaton, the set they built for his house on the show is actually scarily accurate to his actual house. He wanted to buy some of the furniture and take it home but his wife talked him out of it.
— After one fan lamented the loss of the comic book store on the show, Molaro assured him the characters won’t be without a comic book store for much longer. “There will be a comic book store in the future,” Molaro says. “The show will not go on without a comic book store.”
— Are there any “Big Bang” babies coming for any of the female characters on the show? Put away those bottles and diapers. “There are no plans for any babies in the future,” Molaro says.
— As for when Penny will walk down the aisle during her wedding to Leonard, the writers say it’s not coming soon. “They are engaged and the wedding is somewhere far off in the future,” Molaro says. “Penny’s first step is to put the wedding date far off in the future so people don’t think she’s pregnant and then go from there.”

“The Big Bang Theory” Season 8 premieres Monday, Sept. 22 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum