howard bernadette bbt cbs 'The Big Bang Theory': Is Howard and Bernadette's wedding on hold?It may not qualify as the “Wedding of the Century.” It may not even qualify as the “Wedding of the Week.” But at some point Howard and Bernadette are supposed to get married on “The Big Bang Theory.” However, according to EP Chuck Lorre, there might be a hiccup in that plan.

Lorre tells TV Guide that Howard (Simon Helberg) may have to choose between marrying Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) and traveling to the International Space Station.

“The two events are going to fight each other out,” Lorre says.

EP Bill Prady echoes this theme saying, “One event may have to be rescheduled.”

This news is something Jim Parsons, who plays Dr. Sheldon Cooper on the series, predicted months ago during an interview with Zap2it.

Parsons says of the nuptials, “I’m just so convinced it’s never going to happen…Do we really see these people tying the knot?” Parsons goes on to add that part of the problem might come with Howard himself. “She’s such a sweet girl [and] he is a bit of a dope,” he says.

Hopefully Howard will get wise in time.

Posted by:David Eckstein