judy greer big bang 320 'The Big Bang Theory': Judy Greer has Leonard excitedMonday (May 10) marks the beginning of an unofficial Judy Greer Week on CBS’ comedy block. She guest-stars on “The Big Bang Theory” this week, then follows that up with a “How I Met Your Mother” guest spot on May 17.

Tonight, she plays Dr. Elizabeth Plimpton, a renowned physicist, on “The Big Bang Theory,” and — hold onto your hard drives — rather than staying in a hotel, she opts to bunk with Sheldon (Jim Parsons). As in, in his room.

This news naturally has Sheldon’s cohorts struggling to wrap their sizable brains around the idea. And as for his roommate Leonard (Johnny Galecki)? Well, he’s just excited to meet Dr. Plimpton — really, really excited. He’s a fan of her work, and he reacts to being in her presence the way a 13-year-old girl might react to meeting Justin Bieber.

Take a look at the two clips below to get an idea of how Greer shakes up Leonard on “The Big Bang Theory.” Next week on “HIMYM,” she’ll play a woman whom Ted (Josh Radnor) takes to see a movie called “The Wedding Bride” — which is based on his relationship with Stella and not too kind to him.

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