jim parsons mayim bialik the big bang theory 'The Big Bang Theory' Season 7, episode 19: 'Serial Apeist II: Monkey See, Monkey Kill' comes back for PennyOn the latest episode of “The Big Bang Theory,” titled “The Indecision Amalgamation,” everyone is wrestling with a decision — hence the title.

Sheldon & Amy

Dr. Cooper is wrestling with whether to buy an XBox One or PS4 for the open slot in his entertainment center. He is, of course, taking the decision incredibly seriously and when Amy won’t take it as seriously as he is, there is a rather amazing scene between Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik. It’s like throwback screwball comedy banter centered around passing the butter. It’s fabulous, they are so great together.

Also, Amy gets another kiss because it’s date night. Is there a cuter couple on TV right now? We do not think so.

Raj & Penny

The other two decisions this week are what Raj is going to do about having a second shot with online Emily and getting texts from ex-girlfriend Lucy, while Penny gets re-offered the part in “Serial Apeist II: Monkey See, Monkey Kill.”

Raj ends up being honest with Emily about his ex wanting to get together and she’s super cool about it. Wouldn’t it be great if Raj finally found someone? We like this Emily girl. In the end, Raj decides he’s just going to “say yes” to life and see how it goes. Ruh roh.

Meanwhile, Penny turns to Wil Wheaton to ask about accepting a part you’re embarrassed by and he … more or less tells her it’s soul-crushing. She does not actually come to a decision. We kind of hope she takes it, if only so we can perhaps get a tag some episode of her as the woman with monkey hands.

Best Lines:

Bernadette‘s sub-plot is that she signed a get-well card for a woman at work who was in a horrible car accident. But Bernie thought it was a happy retirement card, so she wrote, “Hey Vivian, you deserve this. And at least with you gone, no one will
steal my yogurt out of the fridge. LOL : ) PS — Good luck wherever you
wind up.”

Sheldon: “Here come the waterworks!”
Leonard: “Aren’t you gonna ask?”
Penny: “What is this, my first day?”

Raj: “Fate has given me a real second chance and I swear to Vishnu I’m not going to blow it! … Or normal words, followed by a charming smile.”

Raj: “She told me she always thought people from India were exotic and mysterious. So with my mouth I said, ‘We’re just like anybody else,’ but with my eyes I said, ‘Straight up, Red. Hop on my flying carpet.'”

Emily: “Usually on first dates I talk about music and stuff, but I was promised weird, so let’s do this.”

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