big bang theory relationship diremption jim parsons 'The Big Bang Theory' Season 7, episode 20: Sheldon drunk dials Stephen HawkingOn the latest “Big Bang Theory” episode, titled “The Relationship Diremption,” Sheldon has a personal breakdown when he thinks perhaps his entire life has been wasted on string theory.

Sheldon’s Crisis

There’s a gravity-wave breakthrough and Sheldon is annoyed because he hasn’t proven string theory, so he starts to question his entire life’s work. Penny advises him to have the courage to “end the relationship” because that’s how you grow. He starts reading Cosmo for break-up tips and Penny helps give him a new hairstyle and then she, Leonard and Amy get him a little boozy toasting to his new-found freedom.

In his inebriated state, Sheldon goes to bed with … a Geology text! He also drunk-dials Stephen Hawking: “I kiss girls now.” Hee!

The episode does not resolve Sheldon’s questioning his life’s work. Star Mayim Bialik tells Zap2it that this will actually last several episodes, with Penny continuing to help Sheldon out with his break-up, which should be a lot of fun to watch.

The Double Date

Raj is down to one girlfriend, Emily, since Lucy didn’t take too kindly to him dating two women at one time — as Leonard says wryly, “Women. Who knows what’ll set ’em off?”

But Raj decides it’s time for Emily to meet some of the gang, so he tries her out on a double date with Howard and Bernadette, except ruh roh — four years ago Howard and Emily were set up on a blind date and upon arrival at Emily’s apartment, Howard had an embarrassing bowel movement in her bathroom and was so mortified he jumped out the window and ran away.

Two thoughts from the date: First, I refuse to believe that Bernadette doesn’t poop cotton candy. With that adorable voice, how can she not? And two, Raj’s green three-piece suit was quite dashing. Well done, costume department.

Best Lines:

Sheldon: “I couldn’t sleep.”
Penny: “I told you those ‘Walking Dead’ pillow cases were a bad idea.”

Howard: “You’re reading Cosmo?”
Sheldon: “Yes. As it turns out, there’s an article on how to get over a break-up in literally every issue. It suggests that I set these on fire, but the smell of burning books reminds me of church picnics in east Texas.”

Sheldon: “The magazine article suggests that one of the ways to get over a break-up is a new look.”
Leonard: “What about your old look, Well-Groomed Ventriloquist Doll?”

Howard: “Whatever you hear tonight, just remember I love you.”

Sheldon: “Geology is the Kardashians of science.”

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