laura linney the big c 320 'The Big C' recap: Dive & SplitWhile Cathy loves Marlene’s self-designed funeral — down to the undanceable polka and complimentary lottery scratch-offs — Paul and Sean are separately horrified by the entire “death” thing, for different (but really the same) reasons. Cathy learns she’s inherited Marlene’s house and of course offers it to the estranged daughters, but seeing how callous they are about her things — including Thomas and the fishtank — she declares war, throws ’em out, and gives the house to Sean instead.

Wait, what? Yeah. Seems Rebecca isn’t just stalking Sean for round two of their terrifying breakup but in fact so she can throw up all over his pile of garbage that he thinks of as his belongings, because she’s pregnant. After much discussion, Sean decides to move into the house and offer it to try raising the kid together. His first night, he’s so antsy he has to sleep on the floor, but we’ll see how it goes. I’m just hoping Sean will take more showers now, because that “towels are evil, I’ll just run around naked” policy of his? Genius. Especially with the grime washed off so you can see what you’re working with.

Paul wants to try this chemo Todd suggested (IL-2), but Cathy’s still not feeling that, so they agree to wait six months to see about the next clinical trial. And Cathy’s pool permit has finally come — on the penultimate day of summer, naturally — but she’ll probably end up waiting another nine months to see that made. But after her experiences with Marlene’s daughters, Cathy is done waiting for this stuff: She wants chemo, and to do everything she can. “I’m going out ugly,” she says, and Paul explains that was never a possibility before thanking Dr. Todd sweetly for all his help.

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