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Tuesday’s (April 5) elimination on “The Biggest Loser” even touched our black jaded hearts. One of our favorites and we’re sure one of yours had to leave, because she couldn’t break through a plateau that has been haunting her for three weeks now. Before we get to Courtney’s emotional goodbye, let’s do a quick recap of events.
The show started off with a challenge. The teams had to race to find and identify the one-mile marker on a dirt path. The Black Team (Hannah, Rulon, and Jay) wins the pop challenge and a controversial reward: A night to paint Hollywood red. It’s a dangerous prize, sure, since they can either Charlie Sheen it up or Betty White it down. In the end, they were “Golden Girls.” Hannah ended up spending the night across the table from a very strange dude who was lured to the cameras. Hollywood, remember? The rest of the cast had to stay behind at the ranch and clean the disgusting house.
We’d have to say that nutrition was this week’s theme. Jillian had a surprising heart-to-heart (instead of an old-fashion a** whippin’) with Rulon about his nighttime binge eating. Also, Bob brought in his team’s favorite fattening foods to show them how they can still eat them in the real world with substitutions for the topping (a big peacock thanks to our sponsor, Wholly Guacamole!). And Brett had to adjust Courtney’s calories and workout to try and conquer the plateau, which has been haunting her.
The weigh-in was a nail-biter as everyone’s bodies have stopped registering the big weight loss numbers. Despite their night out in H-wood, the Black Team hit some relatively high numbers. The Blue Team is able to beat Black’s percentage of weight loss and is safe. The Green struggle a bit as everyone loses less than their usual poundage, which places the Black Team in the safe zone.

Now, it’s all up to Courtney who only needs to lose two pounds to send the Green Team to elimination. She and Brett had been targeting her plateau problems all week, so this would determine if they were successful. And boom! Courtney only pulls a one-pound weight loss – which shatters the group. Jillian even did her patented dry cry.
Courtney of the sweet face and pretty eyes is the kind of person we think this show was made for. She was inspiring and determined to reach her goals, already coming into the competition having lost more than 100 pounds. So, we’re sad to see her go, but we think she’ll do great at home – changing one Dairy Queen at a time.

p.s. Brett had to leave, too. Eh.
Were you disappointed in Courtney leaving?
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