biggest loser jillian bob 320 'The Biggest Loser' recap: QuartetThis episode wastes no time getting started, and so I won’t either. The contestants and trainers head directly to the gym, where Sami awaits them, surrounded by demonic lighting. Everyone knows that some s*** is about to go down. Sami says she’ll give everyone four guesses as to why they’re there, but she thinks they’ll only need one. A partition slides away to reveal four differently colored areas, and Sami — not waiting for any guesses, which is not the right way to play a guessing game — says that they will be dividing into four teams. That’s one team for each trainer, and a final opportunity for Jillian to prove her enduring domination.

There is a set of weights, and each contestant must choose one dumbbell. There will be a color on the bottom of each weight indicating which trainer they’ll be with. It’s all by chance. The contestants are stressed, and Bob tells them that it’s going to be okay. He knows that the idea of taking a trainer away can make some people very uncomfortable, but says that it could bring about a great opportunity. Especially if you’re moving from Cara to anyone.

Justin, who is the person with the highest percentage of weight lost, is first to choose, and winds up on the Red Team with Brett. He feels like he won the lottery. Jen is next, and is gunning for Jillian. She also ends up with Brett, and says that, given the fact that Justin is also kicking butt, they could be a really strong team. Moses is next, and actually wants Cara. He likes the boxing, and says that Cara has been his life saver. He grabs a Blue weight, and goes with Bob. Since Bob has worked with all the Tongans past, Moses is okay with that. Bob admits that he’s Tongan, and everyone is happy that he doesn’t try to do a traditional dance. Austin grabs a green weight, and is thus with Cara. Irene is next and gets a Blue weight, and so goes with Bob. Rulon is the first to choose a Black weight. Jillian cracks up about this, and gleefully tells Rulon that she’s going to beat the shit out of him.

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