biggest loser rulan breakdown nbc 'The Biggest Loser': The bigger they are, the harder they bawl
Tensions and emotions were running high on Wednesday’s (Feb. 16) episode of “The Biggest Loser” with a tiff between the ladies of the Black team and a couple guys who turned emotional corners.
Alison Sweeney had several tricks up her sleeve this week. The first challenge consisted of the team being tied together with rope with the first team to free themselves winning sole privileges to the gym for the week, leaving the losers to deal with the outdoors. The red team took the challenge easily as Justin’s background in roping on the ranch and even an Eagle Scout badge led the team to its win.
This brought about the first spat of the episode when Hannah is so disappointed with the loss she starts pointing fingers at her teammates for not trying hard enough. 
Now, stop right there, missy, they thought. No one who has to push a truck up a hill, stand half naked on a scale for all of America to see, and refuse to eat in a room full of chocolates will stand by and let someone tell them they’re not doing their best. Courtney and Irene take it personally, so they throw some shade Hannah’s way.

Meanwhile, Rulan is also throwing shade at trainer, Cara. For some reason, he’s peeved at the extra challenges she throws his way for having once been an Olympic athlete. We mean he’s literally throwing weights down and stomping his feet like a child. Cara, being the tough cookie she is, doesn’t stand down and the two get into it. We soon learn that all her extra pushing is bringing up his regrets over letting his athletic physique go in the first place. So, we’re guessing each time she singled him out as having the ability to take on more than the others, it was pushing a sensitive button. Once he’s able to admit that, things get better. But, there’s still more he’s holding in that we think will have to come out at some point this season.

biggest loser rulan breakdown nbc 2 320 'The Biggest Loser': The bigger they are, the harder they bawl

The next big challenge comes in a form of a train. The teams have to push a train weighing 24 tons for 800 feet. At the same time, two team members have to stand inside the train and answer nutritional trivia questions by throwing off bags labeled with different kinds of basic foods. The winners get to pick one person from the opposing team whose weight won’t count in the week’s weigh-in.

With more men, the Red team beat the Black team’s time by more than 30 seconds. Once the trivia questions are factored in (15 seconds for each wrong answer), the Red team’s time scores the win even with answering more questions incorrectly.
Not being able to keep up with the train, Arthur is left feeling like he let the team down. To help him realize how far he has come, trainer Jillian serves him up a cup of ambition. She revisits the challenge when the team had to push her in a pickup truck. This time, though, Arthur does it by himself and learns that he shouldn’t be so down on himself after all. Cue the “aw.”
At the weigh-in, the Red team goes first and they’re all pretty much putting up low numbers. When Rulan hits the scales, he gets misty-eyed when he realizes that he’s only 8 pounds away from losing a total of 100 pounds. When all is said and done, he ends up losing 11. He then says with pride that “the only thing that’s truly important to me is my health.” And we can’t help but hope his wife doesn’t take that personally.
When it’s the Black team’s turn to weigh in, the Red team choose to use their “get one person out of weigh in” card on Irene. We don’t know exactly why they didn’t choose Arthur or his father, since they have the potential to lose more than Irene, but we’re thinking they were considering body fat percentage and how a high number from her can really score the Black team a win.
Without Irene, the team needs to lose an average of seven pounds each to take the prize. Like the Black team, they pretty much throw up low single digit weight losses and it comes down to Arthur (who has a target on his back for the switcheroo he did last week) to come up with at least 13 pounds lost. Even before the numbers start rolling, the gravity of the situation brings him to tears. And then, a commercial break. Once we’re back, the annoying numbers begin to shuffle and boom! Arthur ensures the win with a big unexpected 20-pound weight loss.
That sends a shocked Red team to vote off one of their own. And the decision doesn’t seem too hard. After all, Jay and Jen are the newest members of the team and they don’t have the loyalty of the team to help sway them toward anyone else. It becomes clear that Jay has expressed that he’d rather leave over his daughter and the team make it so.
What do you think of the tensions that arose in this episode?
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