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We have to say this season of “The Biggest Loser” has had some very big surprises when it comes to the final four and who’s left to fight it out for the title and the $250,000 prize.
Through sheer will and competitive spirit, the sisters, Olivia and Hannah, are the show’s first pair of sisters to make it to the finale. They were definitely our favorites from the beginning. Yet, as they reached their svelte goal numbers, we thought for sure that their weight loss would taper off and they just wouldn’t be able to compete when it came down to the weigh-ins. We were wrong and the two continued to consistently drop enough pounds to keep themselves in the competition. It must be in the genes.
Irene flew under the radar for us. At the beginning, she seemed disconnected and dare we say too cool to show her happiness when she dropped weight. As the competition progressed, she came out of her shell and we guess that’s part of her evolution as she dealt with her demons to lose the weight.
Jay isn’t kidding when he says he has nine lives. Already once eliminated and then brought back, he has been able to keep himself in the game. His physical change is one thing, but his perseverance to make it to the finish line is really what impresses us. What works for him? He doesn’t need to be first, he just wants to be competing. He has also been able to outlast a field of male contestants who were younger, more naturally athletic, and who initially showed more competitive spirit than him. But, he now stands as the lone male competitor.

There’s an argument to be had for an all-female final three. Irene was the first to reach a 100 pound weight loss and now the women have broken the show’s record with three women who have reached 100 pound weight losses in the same season. And let’s face it, they have also outlasted a tough field of both men and women to get where they are.

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Posted by:Jethro Nededog