james-spader-the-blacklist-milton-bobbit-NBC.jpgIt turns out the “Blacklist” case of the week and the Liz/Red/Tom spy game may be fairly intertwined in “Milton Bobbit.”

Red puts Liz and the team on the trail of the titular Milton, who works for a life insurance company but moonlights as the puppetmaster behind a contract killer scheme. He approaches terminally ill people whose life insurance policy has been canceled by his company and offers them money, and therefore safety/security for their families, if the said terminally ill person will kill someone in a murder/suicide.

But all of a sudden Milton starts having the contracted victims be people all related to a series of clinical trials that killed the patients — the doctor behind them, the person funding them, the research assistant. That’s how the team catches him, then he blows himself up.

Honestly, we feel like we missed something because this case of the week left a lot of questions for us. Where did Milton get the money to pay out the families of all these killers-for-hire? And who was he targeting before the clinical trials people? Was he just randomly setting up murder-suicides for whomever he felt deserved to die? It’s all very weird.

But the point is that he’s somehow connected to Tom’s home office, “Berlin,” because (at least we think) the scrap of burnt paper Red has at the end says “Berlin” and came from when Milton blew himself up, right? Hmm. Again, we feel like we missed something, but that could just be “The Blacklist” being “The Blacklist” and the blanks will be filled in later.

It would certainly explain Milton’s funding and pre-clinical trials targets, if this “Berlin” was actually behind Milton’s whole scheme.

UPDATE: Astute commenter Cara points out that the “Berlin” scrap of paper is probably from the trash can at Tom’s headquarters, which makes a lot more sense than Milton Bobbit having it. The going from Cooper’s office to Liz’s new set-up is what had us thinking it was related.

So, Milton Bobbit has nothing to do with “Berlin,” which is fine and more logical anyway, but that makes the case of the week much sloppier writing because, as we said above, there are a lot of questions and blanks regarding what Milton was up to.

[end update]


Now that Liz knows about Tom, Red tells her it’s best if she acts normal so as to investigate what exactly Tom is up to. This means organizing a vow renewal that Tom has mentioned and inviting his “brother” “Craig” into town.

But Liz and Red find out that Craig is really Christopher Mally, who also works for “Berlin,” and they use his mother as leverage to extract information out of him. However, before he can tell them anything, he takes a swan dive out the hotel window to the street many stories below.

Before Liz and Red got their hands on Christopher, though, he did tell Tom about his suspicions regarding Liz and what she knows, so Tom’s radar is on high alert. And possibly Liz and Tom fell into bed together at episode’s end with Liz knowing about Tom’s spy life and Tom knowing Liz knows. That remains to be seen.

The one interesting thing about the whole endeavor is that Red got turned on to Tom as a bad guy when “several years ago” he realized “someone” was “meddling in his business.” Red decided he needed to shore up his “vulnerabilities” and started looking into Liz’s life and who might be a part of it. That was when he discovered Tom had three passports made from a forger Red uses (so you know the forger is top-notch).

Best Lines:

Liz: “How are we connected?”
Red: “That is just a distraction.”
Liz: “No, that is all that matters!”

Red: “Dembe, get the hacksaw. We’re going to have to take him out of here in pieces. [pause] Ha, I’m just kidding! We’ll get old Christopher to talk. Who’s up for a field trip?”

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