alan alda the blacklist 'The Blacklist': Alan Alda and Liz's father and husband raise new questionsWhen we left “The Blacklist” on last week’s cliffhanger, Anslo Garrick was threatening Dembe in exchange for the box code.

Agent Keen

But that situation is dispensed with before the opening credits are even done rolling. Dembe isn’t shot — it was Aram shooting the man who had taken Lizzie hostage. But the shot alerts Anslo’s other men and they capture Liz and Aram anyway.

Red now threatens Ressler for the code because Agent Keen is the one whose life is being threatened and Ressler gives it up, so Anslo takes Red, Lizzie and his band of merry thugs out through a tunnel and into an escape ambulance.

The Feebs get loose and Aram helps Lizzie track Red after she’s thrown from the ambulance — for causing some kick-butt issues, like zapping one baddie with the defibrillator and shooting the driver in the head — but Anslo’s guys dig the tracking chip out of Red’s shoulder and they lose Liz.

Back with the feds, Diane Fowler decommissions the taskforce and declares Red an at-large fugitive, but Liz keeps pursuing him (with Aram’s help) and discovers the surveillance center opposite her brownstone. They were calling a mole at the taskforce and helped arrange Red’s kidnapping.

Liz’s rogue operation, with the help of a funny, severe-looking woman named “Mr. Kaplan” and a group of Red’s guys, finds a warehouse that’s an outpost for surveilling the entire blacklist operation with very advanced technology.

The team manages to find Red, but he has already escaped from his captors. Fowler declares Red to be the only name on the blacklist, so now the FBI is pursuing him.


Meanwhile, Red is being held captive by Anslo — but not for Anslo. Anslo is just the middleman in this situation. He’s being paid by Fitch (Alan Alda), a nefarious, shadowy character we don’t know much about yet.

Fitch (we think that’s what Red called him, it was hard to tell) says that he could kill Red at any time, but he and his cohorts do not because of what will happen if Red turns up dead. Presumably that is something the show will explore further. Just who is Fitch? And what exactly does Red have on him and his associates?

At this point, Fitch just wants to torture Red to find out know what he has been spilling to the FBI. Red says he’s been saying nothing — and he really hasn’t been. It seems as though Red is helping the FBI capture “bad” bad guys, not send them after his associates (though Alda’s character could certainly be a “bad” bad guy whom Red just cannot pursue yet).

Eventually, Red stabs Anslo with a pair of scissors he managed to pilfer and he escapes, calling Lizzie to reassure her and then disappearing into the night.

But not before she asks if he is her father and he says no, plus he warns her to beware of her husband. Do you think he was telling the truth about not being her father? He hesitated — we’re betting the answer is more complex than a simple yes or no.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • It’s handy that the driver whose car Lizzie hijacked at the beginning was some kind of stunt driver. Hee.
  • Ressler is going to be OK and he gets to sort of reconnect with his former flame, so that’s nice.
  • Lizzie keeps staring at her scar and that charred bunny. We can’t wait to get the story behind that — which “father” gave her that scar? Or was that a lie? And how does Tom fit into all this? We haven’t the foggiest idea at this point.
  • Here’s hoping we see more of Mr. Kaplan. She was dynamite.
  • Best Lines:

    Fitch: “We know what you have, Ray. And we know what’ll happen to it if you
    turn up dead. So we let you live. And we trust that our secret remains

    Fitch: “There’s no where you can go. There’s no one you can trust to keep you from us.”

    Red: “Lizzie, I want you to know — wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, if you are in need, I will be there.”

What did you think, gang? How will we all last these next six weeks until it comes back?

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