the blacklist finale berlin conclusion james spader 'The Blacklist' finale: 'The Stewmaker' photo resurfaces as Season 2 heads in an interesting directionThe Season 1 finale of “The Blacklist” didn’t exactly wrap things up. In fact, it hardly wrapped anything up. But it set Season 2 into an intriguing new direction. Read on, but you’ve been warned — spoilers ahead.


Berlin is revealed — actor Peter Stormare (“Fargo,” the film) — as a Russian expat who was shipped off to Siberia when his daughter was found cavorting with a dissident during the Cold War and Berlin helped her escape. She was subsequently sent back to him in pieces.

But just what Berlin wants with Reddington isn’t exactly spelled out. Red has done a lot of things, but we hardly think he would punish a man for helping his daughter by chopping her up. We do know, however, that Reddington knows more than he or the show is telling us because remember the photo Red stole from The Stewmaker’s album? That was Berlin’s daughter.

A re-watch of “The Stewmaker” episode might be in order over the hiatus. Or perhaps a re-watch of the entire first season.

Either way, over the course of the episode Berlin starts targeting the entire “Blacklist” task force and ends up killing Meera by slitting her throat. That’s a shame, but you knew it would be her. It can’t be one of the biggies, yet we don’t know enough about Aram yet for it to mean as much if he is killed. So Meera dies and Cooper survives his attack to fight another day in Season 2.  RIP, Meera.

Speaking of Season 2, Megan Boone tells Zap2it that it will head in “a new direction.” “I thought the writers did a great job teeing us up for a really successful second season,” says Boone, and we agree. It looks as though Season 2 will see the task force, apparently brought back together by unnamed “people,” will be hunting Berlin and vice versa.

Liz, Tom and Reddington

Reddington finally comes (somewhat) clean with Liz about her father Sam, her biological father and the fire, saying that a “friend” dropped her off at Sam’s place and told him to protect her. Red will not tell her who her bio dad was. But before Tom dies (we’ll get to that in a second), he tells Liz her father (bio dad) is still alive, which Reddington later categorically denies.

Who’s telling the truth? The burns on Reddington’s back might have you think he really is her father, but how does that fit in with his wife and child who were killed on Christmas Eve? Perhaps Red’s burns are from saving Lizzie from the fire in which her bio dad perished and then Red is the “friend” who took her to Sam? That actually makes a lot of sense. Guess we’ll wait and see for next season!

Back to Tom — it seems he’s dead, as Lizzie shoots him in the gut and he appears to expire against a wall after relaying a vital last piece of information, like in any good TV death. But the body is gone by the time the FBI clean-up crew arrives, so we’re assuming the Liz-Tom relationship will live to fight another day.

What we’re curious about is what will be happening with Liz-Tom and Liz-Ressler in Season 2. Boone says, “We’re forming the canvas for Season 2, and that’s a smaller, more detailed element of the second season,” she says. “That isn’t fully formed, but the feelings and the things you see there between Liz and Ressler, they’re going to remain. That dynamic and that chemistry and that relationship is going to be there. Where that takes us plot-wise, that remains to be seen.”

Best line: “Being shot in the hand is just an absolute b****, all those little bones. At least it goes right through. Worst part, honestly? Is needing someone to help zip your fly. … Being shot in the hip, on the other hand, Jiminy Cricket. Thick bone, big artery, not to mention the fact that it makes walking upright forever impossible.” — Reddington

What did you think of “Berlin: Conclusion”?

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