elizabeth keen reddington the blacklist 'The Blacklist': Is Reddington Elizabeth Keen's father?On the latest episode of “The Blacklist,” Elizabeth’s father is dying from cancer and Reddington steps in to “help” him — and perhaps protect his own secret?

The Case of the Week

But first. Justin Kirk guest-stars as Nathaniel Wolf, a man purporting to be General Ludd, the leader of some modern-day Luddites — a group aiming to “wash away the greedy … oligarchs of corporate America who’ve destroyed the middle class on whose backs this country was built.”

He uses some domestic terrorism as a way to make sure his trucking company is transporting money and, more importantly, the new blueprint for the 100-dollar bill, which he tries to swap out with a fake, thus ensuring millions of counterfeit bills are minted. But Reddington stops him (taking the blueprint for himself, of course).

Keen and Red

Elizabeth’s father Sam has weeks to live, since his cancer has returned and spread to his liver. Red goes to see him on his private plane and it is heavily implied, though never stated outright, that Red is Elizabeth’s father and Sam just raised her after taking her in at the age of four.

Red ends Sam’s suffering before Elizabeth can get there, however. The act of killing Sam is somewhat out of caring for his old friend, but more so that Sam doesn’t spill the beans to Elizabeth on his deathbed.

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However. Right at the end of the episode, Red is given access to ViCAP, where he looks up a young woman named Lucy Brooks, aka Katherine Hayne, Molly Paplow, Kara Lewis and Erin Lissel. She’s from Fulton, Maryland and is 30 years old. How exactly does she figure into everything? Is she Red’s daughter, the one he abandoned back in 1990? And how does she figure into the photo Red removed from The Stewmaker’s book (which had the number 479 12 90 on it). Was that his wife?

This whole episode raises some questions about Elizabeth’s past. We know her father was a career criminal who abandoned her and her mother and her mother subsequently died. Presumably that’s when Sam took her in?

Elizabeth has also said the scar on her hand is from a fire when she was 14 years old and that her father gave it to her. Was Sam abusive? Was it an accident? Or was she not referring to Sam when she said that? Perhaps her biological father came back into her life and burned her?

But that bio dad would still not be her true biological father if Reddington is her father. Yet Red said in that house he bought and then blew up that that is where he raised his family — that has to be in reference to the wife and daughter he abandoned.

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Sure, it’s possible Red is the “career criminal” who abandoned Lizzie and her mother, but that still doesn’t explain who burned her at 14, because Elizabeth seems far too attached to Sam for it to have been him — she made it sound like it was on purpose, we think. And wouldn’t she remember if it was Reddington? Plus, that doesn’t seem like something he would do.

Is it possible Red fathered Elizabeth with the “career criminal’s” wife (either beknownst or unbeknowst to said criminal), then career criminal abandoned Elizabeth and her mom and then Sam took Elizabeth in, all the while Reddington had his own family that included this Lucy Brooks? And Elizabeth, essentially, has three “fathers” running around — Reddington, the abandoning career criminal and then Sam?

There’s a lot happening here, clearly, and we can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

Best Line: “I have no interest in cases I have no interest in.” — Reddington

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