the-blacklist-mako-tanida-NBC.jpg“The Blacklist” sort of led us to believe last week that this week would have the Tom-Lizzie confrontation. Instead, it offered up a couple emotional punches to the gut and teased the confrontation (possibly) happening next week.

Case of the Week

The Blacklister this week is Mako Tanida, a Japanese Yukuza boss who is taking out the FBI agents who took him down (and in the process, killed his younger brother). Also, it turns out one of the agents is masquerading as the younger brother now, and he’s the main target.

But in the course of the revenge, not only does Tanida make the agents kill themselves in rather gruesome ways, but he shoots Agent Ressler’s pregnant girlfriend. Audrey dies in his arms in the middle of the street and it’s very sad, though just for drama’s sake it’s a shame we didn’t know her better as a character becuase the death would have had more impact.

Either way, Ressler is a changed man (naturally). He does stop himself before killing the agent who has been masquerading as Tanida’s brother, but Ressler’s going to have some demons to wrestle with now.

Lizzie, Jolene and Tom

Tom is revealed to have his very own “A” lair in Ravenswood, which is where he disposes of both Jolene and the Cowboy (Red’s friend who has been following Tom and/or Jolene to find out who their target is).

It’s revealed that Tom’s mission isn’t Reddington, but we aren’t shown what exactly that mission is just yet. Tom just wants Jolene up out of his business, especially once she goes back to see Lizzie, so he kills her. Berlin (the head honchos, apparently) was already “having doubts” about Tom, so this ought to go over well with them when they find out.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Red is almost secondary to the Ressler/Tom action this week, popping in here and there to offer advice and whatnot. His storyline is actually the most heartbreaking, though. He watches a dress rehearsal of “Swan Lake” at a ballet school, as he clutches the program dated March 22, 1987, and imagines his young daughter up there. *sniffle*
  • Tom does drop one interesting (and unsurprising) bit of news on Jolene before he kills her: Reddington used to funnel money through Lizzie’s adopted father.
  • Overall, not the most action-packed episode. Mostly just sad, though as a viewer, it should be fun to watch how Audrey’s death affects Agent Ressler moving forward.
  • Next week’s episode looks like the big one, though it’s not the last one before the typical April hiatus before May sweeps, so perhaps next week is more set-up, all leading up to the big March 31 cliffhanger before several weeks of reruns. We shall see.

Best line: “Once you cross over, there are things in the darkness that can keep your heart from ever feeling the light again.” — Red

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