the blacklist the pavlovich brothers megan boone 'The Blacklist' Season 1, episode 19: What does Tom have on Reddington?On “The Blacklist’s” latest episode, titled “The Pavlovich Brothers,” Tom and Lizzie finally have a little honesty with each other, ending in some torture and fighting! But what does Tom have on Reddington?

The Case of the Week

Not the most interesting case of the week, to be honest. There’s a Chinese scientist who has knowledge of germ warfare. She’s captured by the titular brothers and then the team gets her back safe and sound. That’s pretty much it.

What purpose it does serve, however, is to give Reddington a handy-dandy way to kidnap Tom and deliver him to Lizzie trussed up like a Christmas ham.

Liz, Tom and Reddington

Reddington wants to play it cool, tailing Tom to find out just what he’s up to and who he works for. But Lizzie, boiling over with rage over her entire life being a lie for the past two years, ruins the stealth surveillance (seriously, girl, act like an FBI agent … because you are one, for Pete’s sake) and alerts Tom that she knows.

Tom leaves in the night (thankfully not hurting their dog, could’ve gone either way for a second there) and tells “Berlin” that “Mockingbird” is onto him. But his hidey-hole is thwarted by the Pavlovich brothers, working at Red’s behest.

They deliver Tom to Lizzie, who tries her best to torture some information out of him. However, they ultimately just have a good ol’ knock-down, drag-out fight and Tom escapes — but not before he directs Lizzie to a safe deposit box that has information on Reddington, which she checks out as the episode ends.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Obviously Tom and Reddington are both shades of grey here — nobody’s evil, nobody’s good. The question will be how does this back-and-forth resolve itself, because Tom can’t just disappear off the show but Lizzie can’t find out something unforgivable about Reddington because then where are we? His obsession with her and that mystery, plus his helping her FBI unit are the entire basis for “The Blacklist.”
  • Speaking of the basis for the show, it’s not like every week has to be “The Stewmaker” or the creepy pregnancy farm, but boring cases of the week are interminable when all we want to do is get back to Lizzie, Red and Tom, right? Sheesh.
  • What do you think Tom has on Reddington? Did he kill Lizzie’s parents?

Best Lines:

Red: “Ah, calculus. I can’t even think about derivatives without thinking about that tutor in Manor Hall, Cindy something or other. Never wore a brassier, always a bounce in her step.”

Tom: “It was the shoes. … That’s when I knew. It was those brown leather shoes. It was our third or maybe fourth date. You’d come over to my place on Halstead and we ordered take-out and rented a movie that we never finished because we ended up … and you had to get up early for work and by the time I got up, you were gone. I remember standing in the closet, half-dressed, reaching for my shoes when I saw that you’d drawn this little heart in the dust on my shoe. You remember that? It was the sweetest thing. And ever since that moment I just felt sorry for you because I knew. I knew that I had you. Part of me didn’t want it to work, but it did.”

Red: “You deserve the best in life, Lizzie. I know that sounds odd coming from a man who has brought you some of the worst. But it’s the reason why Tom had to work so hard to be that for you — to be kind, to be thoughtful, make you laugh, to make you love him. Because you deserve that. And it will come.”

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