the alchemist the blacklist megan boone james spader 'The Blacklist': The mole is (possibly) revealedWas the mole revealed on this week’s “Blacklist”? We think there is perhaps more to the story.

Case of the Week

The blacklister this week is no. 101, the Alchemist. He’s Eric Trettel, who previously worked on the human genome project and was a DNA evidence expert. But when he was discovered to have falsified some DNA evidence in a mob case, he went freelance as a person who can make you “disappear” for the right amount of money.

Now Trettel is hired by wealthy, guilty people. He fakes their deaths by using innocent people for the bodies (including children, if needed) and manipulating genetic material/evidence.

As Agent Keen’s team closes in on him, he kills the mob informant and wife (Peter and Catherine Madrczyk) that was hired to “kill” and then takes out his own wife and daughter, trying to eliminate any possible person who could lead the feds to him. Lizzie takes the daughter Annie’s death particularly hard.

Until it turns out Trettel faked his wife and daughter’s deaths, instead killing two innocent women and abducting his family. There’s a shoot-out at a gas station and Trettel ends up dead before he can tell the feds any of the people the world thinks are dead who are actually not — but Aram manages to unearth Trettel’s database of cases and Reddington is delighted to have the list in his hot little hand. That was his whole reason for sending Liz after the Alchemist.

Reddington’s Kidnapping

The feds have a team hard at work trying to piece together shredded communications between private contractors and the big administrations — Department of Justice, CIA, FBI, NSA, etc.

There is one document with the address of the warehouse on it that was signed by Meera Malik (Parminder Nagra). Red confronts her, ready to kill her for being the mole. But is she the mole? Her last line indicates it without confirming it, so we can’t wait to find out what exactly is going on.

“Blacklist” EP Jon Bokenkamp tells Zap2it during a press call that the show has “some great revelations where Parminder’s character is concerned coming up. … We have some really great moments for her character in the upcoming episodes that will, I think, change people’s perspective about her character dramatically.”

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Tom and Lizzie are getting their baby in six weeks and Tom’s colleagues throw them a baby shower. But Lizzie still can’t prioritize her family over her work and Tom ends up going to a photography exhibit with a woman he met at the shower.
  • It’s not a date, but her name is Jolene, which is perhaps a nice nod to the famous Dolly Parton song. However, she’s not what she appears to be — did you recognize her as Lucy Brooks? Who Red is also seen holding an obituary for during the episode.
  • The small joke about “Real Housewives” and Netflix had us rolling. We actually know a mother/daughter duo where the mother was ratted out by the Netflix queue as having watched the next “Walking Dead” episode without her daughter. Hee!

Best Lines:

Lizzie: “You can’t change DNA.”
Red: “The Alchemist can. Lizzie, this man is a forensic virtuoso. He’s an artist that paints in blood and saliva samples, human tissue is his canvas. I’m not ashamed to say he’s even better than me at helping people disappear.”

Tom: “I don’t have any secrets. Except one thing —  I may have watched the last ‘Real Housewives’ in my hotel room without you.”
Lizzie: “I know. It showed up on our Netflix queue.”

Aram: “Jenkins was single, lived alone. But I did find this. Last time she was online was over 72 hours ago, when she visited this dating website. Which is also where I met Phyllis Tuchenberg. And her cankles.

Red: “The Germans. Despite the headlines, they’re still the best at keeping an eye on their fellow man.”

Red: “Go back to the wife and daughter. He’s not alone anymore, you have to look to their lives in order to find him. They are the ones that matter. They are his vulnerability.”

What did you think of “The Alchemist”?

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