ryan eggold the blacklist 'The Blacklist': Tom Keen's true nature is revealed“The Blacklist” had a fairly interesting case this week, but the real meat was in the last five minutes.

Case of the Week

Dianne Wiest guest stars as the episode’s titular “The Judge,” a woman named Ruth Kipling who founded the Amnesty Collective, a group that works with wrongfully-imprisoned inmates. But that’s not really what she does. Instead, as the Judge, she gets payback on the prosecutors, judges, cops, etc., who purposely made mistakes or ignored evidence in getting their targets convicted.

She goes old testament on them, imprisoning them in her barn for the length of time their wrongfully-imprisoned counterpart is locked up. This case has a twist — Assistant Director Cooper and his former prosecutor colleague are taken by the Judge for execution when a former soldier is killed by lethal injection.

Red swoops in to save the day for Cooper when he can show the Judge that she didn’t have all the information because there was a government cover-up regarding the burning of an Afghan village full of civilians.

Lizzie, Tom and Red

Meanwhile, Reddington and his friend, The Cowboy (Lance Reddick), are on the trail of Lucy Brooks, a.k.a Jolene, a.k.a. the woman still trying to get into Tom Keen’s pants. In the end, Tom turns down her advances — and she reveals herself to be working for whomever Tom is also working for.

It seems Tom really has been assigned to Lizzie — two years ago, he says in the previews for next week — and that he told “Jolene” he loves Lizzie and can’t cheat on her because that’s what he’s “supposed” to feel for her: “I told you that I was in love with her because that is exactly what I am supposed to be. That is my job.”

The show returns in two weeks. What do you suppose the fall-out will be? We would guess they won’t have Lizzie find out right away. But we cannot wait for Red to confront Tom. Also, nice touch on the “Jolene” musical cue tonight.

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