the boondocks season 4 premiere poll cartoon network 'The Boondocks' Season 4 premiere: Does Aaron McGruder's absence make a difference?More than three years since the last time it aired original episodes, “The Boondocks” has its Season 4 premiere on Monday, April 21. The question is, did the show come back as good as before or is it not the same without creator and showrunner Aaron McGruder?

Where is McGruder? He is currently involved with an Adult Swim program, “Black Jesus,” and no longer has an active role in “The Boondocks.” In a letter to fans, McGruder wrote, “For three seasons, I personally navigated this show through the minefields of controversy. It was not perfect. And it definitely was not quick.”

Considering that “The Boondocks” has only aired three seasons since its 2005 premiere, that may be an understatement.

But now that Season 4 has premiered, the question must become: Is this a show that was worth the wait? Vote in the poll below!

Posted by:Laurel Brown