brady bunch remake vince vaughn 'The Brady Bunch' returning to TV? Vince Vaughn producing a reboot for CBSOne of the best-loved sitcoms in TV history is being prepped for a 21st-century update. Are you ready for a new “Brady Bunch”?

CBS and Vince Vaughn hope so. Vaughn and Lloyd Schwartz, the son of “Brady Bunch” creator Sherwood Schwartz, are executive producing a reboot/sequel to the 1969-74 series for the network, Deadline reports. Mike Mariano (“Raising Hope,” “My Name Is Earl”) will write the pilot script and also serve as an exec producer.

The new series would focus on Bobby Brady (originally played by Mike Lookinland), who was 8 years old when the show debuted and, if the show follows the original’s continuity, would be in his early 50s now. Like his dad Mike, he’s on his second marriage (he’s divorced rather than widowed, though) and is with a woman who has children of her own from a previous marriage.

Unlike the old show, though, Bobby and his wife also have a child together, and their respective exes will be part of the show. Cousin Oliver, presumably, will be far, far away.

The past few years have seen a few successful revivals or continuations of old shows: CBS has a remake of “Hawaii Five-0” on its air, and The CW’s “90210” shares continuity with and has featured characters from “Beverly Hills, 90210.” This summer, TNT has had success with a sequel to “Dallas.” Other remakes (see: “The Bionic Woman,” “Knight Rider” et al), however, have failed pretty spectacularly.

The new “Brady Bunch” is in the early stages of development, so it would probably be targeted for the 2013-14 TV season.

What do you think of the idea? Could a new “Brady Bunch” work on TV today? Who should play Bobby Brady?

Posted by:Rick Porter