diane kruger the bridge season 2 fx 'The Bridge' Season 2: Diane Kruger is excited for Sonya to 'evolve'

Even with just the first episode aired, it’s evident “The Bridge” is taking leading lady Sonya Cross on a very different journey in Season 2 than it did in its first go-round. Her character spends the premiere getting involved in a sexual relationship with the brother of Jim Dobbs, which was just twisted enough to get actress Diane Kruger very excited about her character’s arc.

“She hasn’t been able to move on [from Gina],” Kruger tells Zap2it and a small group of journalists at a “The Bridge” Season 2 premiere event. “With Jim Dobbs maybe dying, maybe very ill, which is the last link to this family, she transfers this to this brother, which is so sick and not very healthy. But I talked to psychologists about that, and it opened up a lot for me because a lot of it is possible. Also for the writers it opened up a lot, because there’s something very real.

“[Sonya] wants to understand. When people get killed and [family] don’t understand, they never get the answers from the murderer. ‘Why did you pick my husband?’ Random killings for example, or when kids get kidnapped. ‘Why did you pick my daughter? What it is?’ I feel like that’s even more heightened for someone who has Asperger’s, because they’re so practical.”

The first few episodes of “The Bridge” Season 2 will deal with characters picking up the pieces from the Season 1 finale. But when “s*** hits the fan,” as Kruger puts it, “there’s a new Sonya coming out of it.”

“There’s a reset of her character because of what happens that has been really exciting. I think if we are lucky enough to get a third season, there’s a whole new dynamic,” Kruger says. “This season I finally get the opportunity to show a private life. You see her evolve a little bit. I just think her character is being explored more, and I’m able to show more emotions and more limitations also.”

Beyond the normal struggles of portraying the lead character in a dramatic series, Kruger does her best to have Sonya’s Asperger’s syndrome portrayed honestly. She admits that she and showrunner Elwood Reid sometimes butt heads over how far she should take the character.

“I’m forever fighting for the autistic, Asperger’s aspect to be considered,” Kruger says. “That’s why I love Elwood, because I feel like I trust him writing great stories, and I keep telling him, ‘You need to trust me to make the right choices, and if I’m wrong, write 10 scenes where I’m interviewing some guy and I’m watching paint dry.’ I do fight for certain character points, or I read a script and I’m like, ‘This is not strong enough. We need to emphasize this.'”

If Sonya hadn’t had Asperger’s, then Kruger admits she wouldn’t have taken a role on “The Bridge.” Playing a cop didn’t intrigue her — “I do not do well with authority,” she says — but Sonya’s condition piqued Kruger’s interest.

“I just felt like I could tell a story for her, living in the U.S. I’m very aware of those issues, the border issues. I just thought it was a really interesting way to tell a story,” she says. “It’s not a show for everybody. It’s a very complex show. You have to pay attention. It’s definitely not ‘CSI.’ Especially this season, we’re not following a serial killer, so the [season’s] like a web of storylines. It’s pretty dark. A lot of people get killed.”

As for what’s coming up later in Season 2, Kruger teases, “Her relationship with Hank is going to be tested very much. She’s going to find out information through Jack about her sister’s death that questions many things in her life. Because of that, also her relationship with Marco is in question. It’s a very dark season for Sonya.”

Of Sonya and Marco, she adds, “Something that will come out that will test their relationship and her trust in him.
There’s a big arc to their relationship that may or may not end their relationship, but it’s tested in a very dark way.”

“The Bridge” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz