franka potente the bridge season 2 fx 'The Bridge' Season 2: Franka Potente loves her vengeful villain character“The Bridge” is ditching the serial killer story arc of Season 1 in its second season, which means the FX series will have new types of villains. The main one who is introduced in Season 2, episode 1 is Eleanor Nacht, a terrifying woman played to perfection by Franka Potente.

At an event promoting the Season 2 premiere of “The Bridge,” Potente called the series “one of my top 3 experience I’ve worked on.” (The other two are “Run Lola Run” and “The Princess and the Warrior,” for the record.) She admits to Zap2it and a small group of reporters that her biggest concern with her story arc is that she won’t be the main villain.
“I’m kind of nervous because we’ve never seen her do anything. So I’m like, ‘God, don’t flip a [U-turn] on me and have it be someone else,’ because in my mind I’m the one doing all [the killing],” she says.

Little is known about Eleanor when she is introduced, and like all things on “The Bridge,” learning her full history will take some time. But Potente teases of her character, a shunned Mennonite who is working for the cartel, that “Fausto promised her revenge for something in some sort of shape and form.”

“She has a very self-confident way of going about things, and I think because she’s not scared to die and she doesn’t give a s*** about money, which is two very important things that manage living, that makes her pretty dangerous actually,” Potente says.

Even with Season 2 going in a different direction from Season 1, Potente feels there’s plenty for “The Bridge” fans to love about the upcoming season. “It’s really getting more into the underbelly of every person. If you remember, we left off with Marco’s son being killed,” she says. “Everybody’s pain and past, people are trying to close chapters and end things. It’s really driven by that. It’s much more personal.”

Eleanor is a scary lady, but Potente says she isn’t concerned about bringing the terrifying nature of her character home with her.  “I come home after bloody machete stuff and I come home and there’s a 3-year-old who says, ‘Mommy, I want you to draw an octopus,'” she says. “That always prevails.”

Potente adds of playing Eleanor, “You can’t act like a bad person, but you can act someone who just listens and who just stares and someone who doesn’t give a s*** about dying or money, but all that she wants is revenge. Who’s crazy dark inside but very vulnerable, surprising herself. Those are the things that are fun.”

Just because Eleanor is the villain of “The Bridge” Season 2 doesn’t mean she needs to die at the end of it — at least, she doesn’t according to Potente. “I hope I don’t die,” Potente says. “I can keep doing this for years.”

“The Bridge” premieres Wednesday, July 9 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz