demian birchir bridge 325 'The Bridge's' Demian Bichir: 'I say no to a lot'Zap2it: After the Oscar nomination, did the roles start flooding in?

Demian Bichir: I say no to a lot, and I drive my agents crazy. We have many different offers, all kinds of offers. Most of them are so much based on cliches and stereotypes, nothing but bad guys. But there are many other stories I am interested in telling. Whenever I get an offer full of stereotypes and cliches that are not accurate — not only regarding a Mexican character but Mexico in general — sometimes they only take news from Fox News, and then they write that. That is not the truth and nothing but the truth. You need to be smarter than that to seduce me as an actor.

Zap2it: Did you hang out with police to inform this character?

Demian Bichir: It is a character with many different layers and a palette of tones. I played cops before in my life. In Mexico I have very deep, serious training, and I have been very well trained, and I am very good with all kinds of weapons, something that needs to be supervised by federal police in Mexico. A lot of people talk to me wherever I go and ask, “Is it really dangerous in Mexico?” We have our problems like any border. The federal government is up against organized cartels. Up until now no one stepped into a theater and killed people or into a school and killed children. If you go where the bad guys are, I am asking what is more dangerous?

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler