summer glau large 'The Cape's' Summer Glau: 'Call me Pashmina'Friday (May 14), NBC announced that “The Cape” is among the 11 shows it’s picked up for next fall when the network largely undone by Jay Leno at 10 p.m. tries to reverse its free-falling fortunes.

David Lyons stars an honest cop who is framed for a series of murders by his corrupt colleagues and left for dead. He goes into hiding and reinvents himself as The Cape, his son’s favorite comic book superhero. But just like “Kick-Ass” (and Batman) this is a superhero who has not superpowers.

“He really works for it. He has to earn it and it’s all real,” co-star Summer Glau tells Zap2it. “[Shooting the pilot] was beautiful, amazing, really strong cast and I love the concept because I feel like it’s a really solid drama with elements of fun in it.”

While it may have elements of fun, the feel of the show is much more “Heroes” than “Chuck.” And with “Heroes” not expected to be on the schedule next week when the full line-up is announced that’s a tonality hole “The Cape” is ready to fill … right down to a traveling carnival.

“It’s kind of dark and when he falls in with this group of carnival fiends they bring him a whole other element that is really fun and I think is going to lighten up the atmosphere,” Glau says.

Glau plays a blogger who covers the superhero activity in her fair city before falling in with and helping out The Cape herself.

“We joke because I’m sort of his sidekick that he’s going to have to call me ‘Pashmina’ or something … or ‘Mini Cape’ … ‘Shawl.'”

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