the carrie diaries season 2 episode 2 'The Carrie Diaries' EP Amy B. Harris on Carrie's stolen purse, Samantha's new living situation, and more

Carrie lost something extremely important in “The Carrie Diaries” Season 2 premiere … her late mother’s purse, which she had decorated with nail polish. After naively setting it down on the ground on the streets of NYC, someone stole it, and according to executive producer Amy B. Harris, that event is symbolic of the journey Carrie will find herself on this season.

“Losing the purse, having it stolen, it was huge for Carrie,” Harris tells Zap2it. “It felt like the first season had really been about that first year when you lost a parent or a loved one, and the purse was almost in direct reference to Carrie’s mom. The purse is really symbolic of Carrie on her own, launching off and creating a new version of herself in Manhattan. Obviously bringing Samantha into that fold is going to be a big part of how that plays out for her.”

Fans who have read Candace Bushnell’s novel, “The Carrie Diaries,” off of which the CW drama is based, know that in the second prequel book, Carrie meets Miranda for the first time after her purse is stolen. So why didn’t we meet Miranda in the Season 2 premiere, and will we meet her at all this season? “In the loveliness that is television and in the deliciousness that is Candace Bushnell, we’ve been able to pick and choose when to use the books and when to launch in different ways,” Harris says. “For me, the fact that Donna LaDonna is Samantha’s cousin was something I couldn’t wait to use. But I feel pretty strongly about making sure how we introduce the other characters organic to this series.

There have already been some major changes from the book to the series, and according to Harris, those changes have affected other aspects of the story. “We started this series as a junior, not a senior in high school so that pushed off some of the meetings,” Harris says. “We knew we wanted to bring Samantha in this season but I don’t think you’ll be seeing Miranda or Charlotte in the very near future.”

Now that Carrie has met Samantha, expect their friendship to grow quickly as Samantha moves into the loft with Carrie and Walt. Harris reveals the close quarters will provide some interesting situations for the new friends. “It does not go so great,” Harris says with a laugh. “Samantha’s lack of inhibitions is going to make a WASP like Walt uncomfortable. That’s the fun of it. I have friends who I adore but couldn’t live with, and I have people who I like who I could live with a lot better. We have some fun coming up in the next few episodes about how that plays out.”

Back in Castlebury, Maggie is going to continue to struggle with her plans for the future. “For Maggie, the tricky thing is she doesn’t really have an idea of what she wants her future to look like. College is a goal because that’s what she thinks the goal is, but she doesn’t actually know why she would want it,” Harris says. “Carrie wants to be a writer and Mouse wants to go to Harvard to be a doctor. She has all these friends in her life who know why they want to be moving forward. She’s really struggling with what her future should look like.”

Maggie will also be struggling with her romantic life, as her choices so far have not been the smartest. “I feel like she’s a very relatable character in that there are a lot of girls and women out there who confuse sex and love,” Harris says. “I think she’s the opposite of Samantha and Donna — they’re related for a reason. They look at sex as something fun and empowering, whereas for someone like Maggie, she confuses sex with love a lot so when it is very clear that sex doesn’t have much to do with love at all, she’s left very empty. She makes a lot of bad choices because of that.”

Speaking of Samantha’s love of sex as something that is fun, when Samantha and Mouse meet for the first time in Friday (Nov. 1) night’s episode “Express Yourself,” Samantha wastes no time giving Mouse sex tips … and since Mouse and West are going strong, she’ll be all ears. “I love Mouse and West because there are very few people who could manage Mouse’s intensity with this love and appreciation he has for her,” Harris says. “The fun for me is exploring what is a very relatable time in a senior’s life with your dreams for college and the goals for Mouse which she’s had since she was born, basically. So she’s coming to terms with how much of her goals are her own vs. her parents’. And then being in a relationship with someone you’re actually suited for, how does that work? I love them as a couple and the fact that he loves her competitive intensity is so fun for me.”

“The Carrie Diaries” airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum