carrie diaries walt and bennett 'The Carrie Diaries' EP Amy B. Harris reveals how Walt and Bennett's breakup will affect them

“The Carrie Diaries” took a turn for the serious last week when Walt (Brendan Dooling) and Bennett (Jake Robinson) had their first brush with the mid-’80s NYC AIDS crisis. And while they both tested negative, that health scare prompted Walt to break up with Bennett.

Executive producer Amy B. Harris reveals that Walt and Bennett are going to be dealing with both the breakup and the AIDS scare in different ways. “Walt moves back into his family’s house and his struggle for the next few episodes is can you deny who you really are? How is that going to go for you?” Harris tells Zap2it. “And Walt and Bennett are not going to be together and I think Bennett is going to show some surprising responses of his own to the breakup.”

As if being dumped isn’t stressful enough, Bennett is also going to have to deal with that fact his ex is in the hospital dying of AIDS, though we won’t see that onscreen. 

“We’re not going to see him handling his ex’s battle with AIDs. We’re going to be seeing how the breakup and the near scare with an almost potential death sentence affects both of them,” Harris says. “For Walt, it really shuts him down and for Bennett, it makes him act out.”

According to Harris, while there was discussion in the writers room over whether or not they would give Walt or Bennett a positive test result, in the end they decided to explore how just the possibility of a positive test result would affect the two young men. 

“We talked a lot about what it would mean if we did give them a positive test result,” Harris says. “What we decided at the end — and this isn’t to say that, god-willing, we have more seasons to come and this won’t necessarily change or that one of them might end up testing positive — was that the stories we really wanted to tell this season were more about what that scare does to you versus what the reality of AIDS does to you.”

She continues, “That isn’t to say we aren’t open to that idea later but I felt like what we really wanted to talk about this season is more when faced with the idea of that there may be death sentence in front of you and you’ve narrowly missed that, how do you respond?”

Meanwhile, Maggie’s decision to enlist and then rescind her enlistment in the army resulted in something pretty awesome: A new boyfriend. 

“I think the army and the military are very good things for a lot of people but I do not think it’s a good thing for Maggie,” Harris says with a laugh. “But the fun in her making this bold, albeit very rash, choice is she bumped into and met somebody who is a potential romantic interest for her. Pete is going to be around for a while. I think Maggie’s ready for some happiness. She’s also ready to say if it isn’t going to work out, she’s not going to stick it out too long anymore. She’s learning to hold her own and be confident.”

And thanks to a little meddling from Dorrit and Carrie’s dad Tom, Dorrit also has a new romantic interest of her own. “The good thing about Tom is he learned his lesson,” Harris says. “When he realized — for the best I think because Miller wasn’t a good guy for Dorrit — that he spoiled that relationship by getting close, when he sees Scott and notices that he’s a good kid, he finally gets to use his power for good.”

Harris thinks Scott is a good match for Dorrit because he seems like a bad boy (which Dorrit likes) but deep down, he’s a good kid. “So Scott smokes a little pot? Whatever. Who didn’t in high school?” Harris says with a laugh. “We like the character of Scott; we like what he brings to the table for Dorrit. He’s savvy and smart and he deserves somebody who’s kind. He’s around for a while.”

Interestingly enough, wild and crazy Samantha is actually going to meet someone significant as well. “I think you’ll be surprised. Samantha’s about to meet someone who throws her for a loop,” Harris teases. “Maybe opening herself up to the love of gay men opened herself up to the love of a straight man, too. We’ll see.”

“The Carrie Diaries” airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum