the carrie diaries miranda 'The Carrie Diaries' Season 3: Showrunner reveals how Carrie would have met Miranda If you’re still heartbroken over the cancelation of “The Carrie Diaries,” then you’re not alone. Amy B. Harris, the executive producer of The CW’s “Sex and the City” prequel series, wishes there could have been a Season 3 too, but she’s happy that the Season 2 finale could provide satisfying closure to fans.

“I love the last episode of Season 2 knowing Carrie was in NYC on her own with all the wonder and terror that brings,” Harris tells E! Online. “[I] always knew that final episode, which I hoped was just a season finale, could also be a series finale if it came to an end. I hope I gave the fans of ‘The Carrie Diaries’ and ‘Sex and the City’ a satisfying end and beginning.”

But what if there had been a Season 3? Harris says that Carrie would have met a very iconic “Sex and the City” character, just like how Samantha Jones was introduced in Season 2 by the Kim Cattrall-lookalike Lindsey Gort.

“Miranda was Mouse’s roommate at Harvard,” Harris reveals.

Of course, knowing that we were thisclose to meeting a young Miranda only makes this cancelation sting more. Hey CW, please reconsider your decision?

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum