the challenge brandon eliminated 'The Challenge: Free Agents': Brandon regrets not playing the politics of house more When Brandon was eliminated last week on “The Challenge: Free Agents,” it was with more than a few hurt feelings. He gave it his all in the elimination challenge against Zach, but knowing that his friends Swift and Jonna voted him into the elimination was tough.

“It sucks going in at any point, but especially going in so early and having Swift and Jonna vote for me, that just hurt,” Brandon tells Zap2it. “I’m not close with that many people in the house, but out of everybody, those two voting for me? Why would they do that? Swift got sucked into a bunch of B.S. and went along with CT, Bananas and all those heavy hitters he’s been watching on TV for years. And Jonna had a little thing for Isaac so she wouldn’t vote for him, so she voted for me. It sucks.”

Brandon didn’t even have any warning that he was being thrown in before the vote. “It’s disappointing to hear people call out your name but unfortunately I’m kind of used to it,” Brandon says. “It sucks because this time I wasn’t expecting it. Usually you hear your name being thrown around in the house before we actually vote, so I thought I was clear. I didn’t hear anybody mention my name.”

While Brandon took the vote in stride, he doesn’t think he deserved to be voted in after how everyone else on the losing team performed. “With the way I performed, I didn’t think I’d be on anyone’s radar,” Brandon says. “They should have voted in Isaac who took on a bigger role being the ball, and looking back on it, I should have been the ball. He didn’t step up after taking on that responsibility. I should have talked to the winning team after, maybe campaigned a little, but everyone knows I suck at the political part of the game. I don’t like kissing a**.”

Even though Brandon went up against the huge, extremely-athletic Zach, he still put forth 100 percent effort. “I just knew that Zach was going to draw the kill card and the challenge would be physical and I would be at a disadvantage,” Brandon says. “I might have had a chance against him in any other challenge but putting me in that little hallway with him, my chances were pretty slim. So when he drew the kill card, I just focused and tried to strategize a way to beat him.”

Unfortunately, he lost both rounds. “The first round, we all saw how that went, but I almost won that second round. That was a lot closer than the first round,” Brandon says. “I’ve replayed that elimination a thousand times in my head and there were so many different things I could have done both in that challenge and in the house before the vote. But honestly I gave it all I could in that challenge.”

After “The Challenge: Free Agents,” would Brandon return for another season? “This is the first time I’ve had to really think about returning, because while it seems like all fun and games when it’s airing, sometimes it just really sucks being in that house,” Brandon says. “You want to be anywhere but there. But now that I’m watching the show now, I miss it. Of course I want to go back. If they call me and want me back, I’ll be on the next plane out.”

He does have a few regrets now that some time has passed since his elimination. “It’s a political game and I didn’t play that as aggressively as I should,” Brandon says. “That, and I should have hooked up with some girls or something. I had a girlfriend at the time so I didn’t want to mess that up. Maybe next time!”

Another regret of Brandon’s is that his favorite moments from this season didn’t make it to air. “When we’d all go to the movies, me and Jasmine never really wanted to see the movies that were playing,” Brandon says. “And there was this little bar right outside of the movie theater, so we would sit out there and get drunk and just talk. And that was just amazing. Hopefully we’ll get to see that in the ‘S#!% They Should Have Shown’ special.”

“The Challenge: Free Agents” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum