the challenge free agents isaac interview 'The Challenge: Free Agents': Isaac knew how to cheat the system in the draw ... until it caught up with him Isaac was eliminated from “The Challenge: Free Agents” after drawing the kill card and losing the elimination round to vet Johnny Bananas. But if only Isaac had kept his mouth shut, he would have been safe from drawing the kill card from the entire season. 

Zap2it got Isaac on the line to discuss how he knew how to cheat the system, what happened in that elimination round, and what didn’t make it to air this season. Check out the full Q&A below:

Zap2it: I’m so sorry you got eliminated, that was pretty brutal to watch. What happened?
Isaac: I f***ed up, Sydney! Let me let you in on a little secret: The kill cards are made out of wood and there’s a grain on the side of the cards. During the first elimination rounds, I looked at the grain and memorized what they looked like and which ones were the kill cards. So I was straight and I wasn’t even worried about it. Every elimination after that, I knew which one was the kill card because I remembered what the grain on the side of the kill card looked like.

So if you knew which one was the kill card, why did you pick it?!
Because I talked about it, which was stupid on my part. I told Cohutta which one was the kill card, and in the house we all draw straws to see the order of who picks the card, and I still didn’t care because I still knew which one was the kill card, didn’t matter if I picked first or last. But after they heard me talking about it on the mic, they switched up the kill card and I picked it.

Oh man. That probably made it that much worse for you, knowing that if you kept your mouth shut you’d probably still be in the game.
Yeah, plus I was not mentally or in any way prepared to go into the elimination, because I really thought I was going to go back into the house and party that night. To tell you the truth, it was really inconvenient [laughs].

But you still fought pretty valiantly in the elimination —
No. Don’t lie to me, Sydney. I did horribly. We all saw it on national TV, don’t bulls*** me. Johnny Bananas, he’s a strong dude. You don’t really expect it but when I grabbed ahold of him, it was hard. And I have a background in jiu jitsu, but I was so stupid and I listened to Cohutta. I always listen to him which is probably why I’m not a billionaire. He gives the worst advice ever. He told me to go high and try and tackle his torso, and I did that, and it was the worst f***ing strategy. I should have trusted myself but I chose to wrestle the bear and I f***ed myself.

You said something after the elimination that the sand screwed you up, too, right?
That’s just an excuse I used for being terrible and losing. It’s not the sand. I can’t blame the sand. I just suck. [laughs]

Do you think if the format of this season was different than “Free Agents” then you’d still be around?
I loved “Free Agents.” I thought it was great. When I was on “Duel 2,” I was the fifth guy to leave, and on “Free Agents” I was the fifth guy to leave, so I don’t think it really matters what format it is. Everyone in the house knows my attitude. I’m not there to party, I just don’t care a lot. I’m in the middle. Whereas some of the people in this house, this is their lifestyle, their main source of income and their identity. That’s just not me and everyone knows it. So I get along with everyone, I make the house fun, so everyone keeps me around until s*** in the house gets serious. I’m the first to go out of the competitors and the last to go out of the lames.

Has your time on “The Challenge” taught you anything that can help you stay around longer next time?
No! Absolutely not! I’m never going to learn. I just don’t give a f*** [laughs].

I appreciate the honesty! [laughs] So I know that there’s always a lot of footage that doesn’t make it to air every season. Is there anything you wish that MTV would have shown?
Yes! Everything! I think it’s a MTV motto, “If Isaac likes something, cut it.” There were like real life conversations, life affirming stuff that we did and talked about, and none of it is shown, and all the stuff I hate is highlighted vehemently. I don’t even know what vehemently means but I know it works here. To MTV, if it’s not fighting or f***ing, it gets cut.

“The Challenge: Free Agents” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum