the challenge free agents jasmine interview 'The Challenge: Free Agents': Jasmine's only regret from this season, besides her elimination Jasmine was sent home from “The Challenge: Free Agents” after drawing the kill card and having to compete against twice-her-size Laurel in a brutal elimination challenge. But besides from having bad luck in that elimination, Jasmine only has one regret from her entire career on all her seasons of “The Challenge.”

“I definitely have a regret for the first time ever in all the ‘Challenges’ I’ve done: I regret making the statement, ‘I want a d*** and balls in my face, every day all day,'” Jasmine tells Zap2it with a laughs. “That did not come out very well for me. People definitely think I’m a little bit slutty now but that’s not the case! I was just talking and having a fun conversation and said what was on my mind! But I should have kept a filter on a little bit more.”

Besides that unfortunate comment, Jasmine is proud of the way she played this season on “Free Agents.” “The Challenge” vet opens up to Zap2it about her elimination, why she liked this season’s format, and whether or not she’ll be back in the future. Check out the full Q&A below:

Zap2it: So first of all, I’m so sorry about your elimination!
Jasmine: Me too, thank you. Yeah, it was tough.

What was going through your mind when you pulled the kill card in the draw?
Being the draw is already insanely nerve-wracking, so you’re already nervous, your mind’s not thinking straight, so once I pulled the kill card, I literally didn’t know what to think. I just fell to my knees and started crying. There was no way I was going to beat Laurel in a game like this. She’s tall, she’s huge, she’s super athletic, there was no way I was going to win. So I was devastated, because I didn’t have to pull the kill card.

I have to say, despite going against Laurel, I was really impressed with the way you fought and made her work for that win.
Yeah, I knew that I wasn’t going to win but I still came to compete. I still wanted to show people that I’m an athlete and I’ll never give up or quite anything even if the odds are against me. I still gave it everything I had.

And she didn’t totally dominate, you got that one point in!
[Laughs] Laurel was so nice to give me that one point. It pumped me up more to know that I still was in it, and maybe I could possibly get another point. So I gave it everything I had and I’m always going to give it 110 percent every single time.

Now that some time has passed since your elimination, how do you feel about the way you went out?
I hate how I was eliminated! Now that I’ve seen everyone’s reaction, watching all their faces during the elimination, I didn’t realize during it but no one’s really cheering. No one thought I was going to win. It made me feel embarrassed to watch it afterwards. Being in it, I was pumped and ready to go, but watching it, I feel so depressed and sad for myself.

Do you think if the elimination round was a different one other than putting the ball in the goal then you would have had a better shot at beating Laurel?
Oh absolutely. I definitely think that if it was the elimination that Jonna and Emilee had, breaking down that wall, that is right up my alley. I punch holes in walls all the time! Everyone in the house knew that if I was in an elimination, that’s the one that I would be good at. I could take out probably any girl in the house on that one. But the elimination gods weren’t on my side this time.

And speaking of different formats, this season on “The Challenge,” “Free Agents” has changed things up quite a bit with the draw and being an individual game. Do you think if this season was a different format then you’d have a better chance at still being in the game?
Actually no. I thought with “Free Agents” that I would have a way better chance of winning and going further on in the game than I ever have before. But the draw does mess with you. It messes up whether you’re even up for elimination. If it was any other format like “Fresh Meat” or a “Cutthroat,” or any partner game, I think it would be harder because of the politics. You can’t really work the politics in this game. It came down to skill and luck.

So what was your favorite part about this season?
My favorite part about this season is that you weren’t stuck with the same person or team the whole entire game. It changed up every single time. You got to work with other people and see what different people are like and in a way that could possibly help you with future challenges because you can learn who would you want on your team and who you wouldn’t. So I enjoyed this format.

You’ve been on a bunch of “Challenges.” Are you getting tired of them, or are we going to see you back next season?
I am definitely going to keep doing “Challenges!” Until they stop asking me to be on “Challenges,” I am never going to stop. I have “The Challenge” bug. I’m stuck.

“The Challenge: Free Agents” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum