daphne oz the chew abc 'The Chew': Daphne Oz on what she loves (and hates) to cookZap2it: What have you learned on “The Chew?”

Daphne Oz: Everyone is at the top of their game, and no one comes in and thinks they know it all. Then someone comes along and shows me how to do it a little bit better, and there is such a capacity to learn through food.
Zap2it: What do you like to cook most?
Daphne Oz: As I was losing weight and learning to cook for myself, one of the most exciting things to make was roast chicken. I slice lemons and put [them] into the cavity, and they help to keep moisture levels, and I stuff it full of fresh thyme and fresh garlic cloves and butter under the skin and cover it with salt, to crisp it. I always do the chicken in the cast-iron skillet and heat the skillet in the oven before you roast.
Zap2it: And what do you hate to cook?
Daphne Oz: I love seafood, but it so easy to destroy it, especially squid and octopus. You need to be so perfect at your technique. I would definitely say I am less comfortable cooking things I did not grow up eating. In culinary school, I specifically did an internship at a steakhouse [her mother did not cook meat].
Zap2it: What do you want people to take from the show?
Daphne Oz: It should be reassuring for home viewers. What we try to show are the essentials to keep at home, and the huge struggle in America is people don’t often cook at home. It can be challenging, inconvenient.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler