chicago code pilot 'The Chicago Code' premiere: What do you think?

Raise your hand if you were officially sold on FOX’s “The Chicago Code” after that shocker of an ending?

If you haven’t seen it, consider yourself warned, because we’re going to get a tad spoiler-y in our discussion of the pilot. (For something spoiler light, check out our review.)

Narration is fickle beast. It can be distracting, unnecessary and a real detriment to some shows. But it can also be a boon to storytelling, putting viewers in a groove while really getting to know the characters.

We were definitely in a groove — and not paying attention to the clock — when the last narration was cut short by gunfire.

Antonio Betz (Manny Montana) didn’t seem like he’d get much focus, but we also didn’t expect to see him die in the first episode.

Listing to him talk about how Colvin (Jennifer Beals) saved him from a life on the street made it that much harder to watch him take a bullet for her in the middle of explaining his back story. Tragic, yes, but a great way to help set up these early episodes.

Does “The Chicago Code” work for you?

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell