Stephen Colbert takes on the young “apparently” kid, Noah Ritter, in this video from Wednesday’s (Aug. 6) “The Colbert Report” — comparing the child to more established news veterans.

The video of young Ritter being interviewed at a fair has hit the Internet in a big way, especially due to the child’s fondness for the word “apparently.” Colbert sees this as nothing but a plus for Noah’s future career in journalism. “He’s already established the word ‘apparently’ as his catchphrase,” Colbert explains. “That is the sort of senseless repetition that marks a real news legend like Sean Hannity.”

“Apparently that 5-year-old child could replace Sean Hannity,” Colbert says to close the segment. He then adds a silent addition: “Literally.”

Hannity, of course, isn’t one to take any abuse — even in fun — quietly. Deadline reports that the Fox News pundit’s response is as follows: “Maybe Stephen Colbert needs to come over here and get a dose of reality,” Hannity says from production in Israel. “He sits in the comfort of his studio, reading jokes written for him by 30 writers.”

Yes, but little Noah doesn’t have that advantage and is coming for the entire news/faux-news industry.

Posted by:Laurel Brown