lisa kudrow michael patrick king the comeback lance barber paulie g 'The Comeback' Season 2: Lisa Kudrow and Michael Patrick King settle unfinished businessIt’s been nine years, but HBO’s “The Comeback” is finally coming back. Creators Lisa Kudrow and Michael Patrick King were on hand to dish at the summer TV critics’ press tour about where the show takes Valerie in the second installment. 

While it has already been reported stars Malin Akerman and Kellan Lutz will be reprising their roles in Season 2, King says just like as in real life, they will now be interacting with Valerie as bigger stars than when they started and play “meta versions” of themselves.

One of the biggest pieces of news revealed for the upcoming six episodes is Paulie G (Lance Barber) will definitely be back and by the sounds of it, bigger than ever.

“Paulie G. is a nemesis and he plays a big part in this version, ” King says when asked about the character’s possible return.

“That’s always felt like unfinished business to me,” Kudrow adds. 

King also admitted that Lance Barber was one of the first people they checked on availability for so they have Paulie G. back, since it is a “big part” of the storyline he and Kudrow had cooked up for the new six episodes.

Look for “The Comeback” to return to HBO this November.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins