hourman the cw dc comics The CW developing 'Hourman' drama based on the DC Comics superhero

The CW has decided the next DC Comics superhero they want to develop as a drama for the network. No, it’s not Batman or Wonder Woman or even the Green Lantern. Instead, The CW is working on an “Hourman” TV show, THR reports.
You might be wondering, “Wait, who is Hourman?” The character first appeared in 1940’s “Adventure Comics” #48. The original incarnation, a scientist named Rex Tyler, is a brilliant pharmaceutical research analyst who discovered a miracle vitamin that gave him superhuman strength for an hour. When his son took over the role, the idea of being able to see tragic events an hour into the future was introduced. He sets out to stop the tragic events from happening, in an effort to reunite with his ex-wife and son.
The script will be written by Michael Caleo (“Ironside”), who will executive produce with Dan Lin and Jennifer Gwartz. “Hourman” is the the latest in a line of proposed DC Comics projects TV. “Smallville” ran for ten seasons, while “Arrow” is currently in its second. There’s also a planned “The Flash” series for the CW, “Constantine” possibly coming to NBC and FOX’s “Gotham,” which tells the story of Batman’s confidant, Commissioner Gordon.
There’s also the shows that didn’t work out, as The WB ran 13 episodes of “Birds of Prey” and chose not to continue “Aquaman” after seeing the pilot.
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