supernatural sam w The CW's 'Supernatural,' 'Gossip Girl,' and more get extra episodes    but not 'The Vampire Diaries'Good news, CW fans! This season, the network is hoping to shrink those long, arduous, cold, lonely, sad mid-season hiatuses by giving you more of the shows you love. They’ve picked up extra episodes of several of their returning dramas.

“Supernatural” and “Nikita” will have their seasons extended to 23 episodes, while “Gossip Girl” and “90210” will have 24 episodes each.

“The Vampire Diaries,” the network’s highest-rated show, will keep its 22-episode order, as it has a more demanding post-production schedule. Additionally, Kevin Williamson, one of its executive producers, is already pulling double duty with the freshman series “The Secret Circle.”

We’re thrilled that the network is further enabling our addiction. We can quit any time we want, okay? Leave us alone.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie