As with most Fox News programming, Jon Stewart is baffled by “The Five,” a panel show featuring a rotating roundtable of hosts. Luckily, he has “The Daily Show” correspondent Samantha Bee to make sense of it all for him.
On Tuesday’s (Jan. 14) episode, Bee performed her one-woman show, inspired by “The Five,” and it was something special. “‘The Five’ is a storyboard of the human condition,” she explains. What most see as yet another political panel show, Bee understands as truly “a story of love,” rooted in “riding the boner train to pound town.”
In Bee’s eyes, the real story is about panelist Dana Perino, “a young girl, new to the big city, with big dreams and a heart so pure it makes Mary Poppins look like a disgusting whorebag.” Enter Greg Gutfeld, “Red Eye” host and, according to Bee, a bad boy and “a pill-popping afternoon drunk who’s riddled with hepatitis.”
Unfortunately for Gutfeld, there’s another after Perino’s affection: Eric Bolling. There’s also the story’s villain, Bob Beckel, who wants nothing more than to shed light on the illicit romance between Perino and Gutfeld.

If Bee can make other Fox News shows as interesting as she has “The Five,” this needs to become a regular “Daily Show” segment.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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