john oliver daily show 'The Daily Show': John Oliver debuts as Jon Stewart's temporary replacementWell, the opening credits didn’t announce, “This is ‘The Daily Show with John Oliver,’” so at least we can feel good that Jon Stewart isn’t gone forever.

But how did John Oliver do?

“This is weird. It sounds weird even to me, and this is my regular voice,” Oliver opens, also cracking that he looks forward to explaining to guest Seth Rogen “who the f*** I am.” Heh.

He also reads a “note” that Stewart wrote to him that includes the line “no big news stories ever break during the summer” — then cuts to the footage of Wolf Blitzer talking about PRISM and the massive NSA collection of private data.

This leads into a new segment, which the opening for includes clips from “Homeland” and “Enemy of the State,” called “Good News! You’re not Paranoid,” which was a pretty hilarious look at this NSA spying scandal that has been all over the news lately.

The B section of the show continues with the “Good News! You’re not Paranoid” segment, except it’s correspondents like Jason Jones and Samantha Bee being mad about Oliver taking over the show instead of them, which was also funny.

The Seth Rogen interview went well, too, with lots of bleeped profanity, lots of laughs and a clip that makes “This Is the End,” Rogen’s directorial debut, look like a lot of fun.

What did you think of Oliver’s takeover? It shouldn’t be too bad of a summer, right?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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