Jon Stewart tore into CNN on “The Daily Show” for the network’s tendency to reduce news stories down to a simple question of whether they’re a good thing or bad thing. Showing a number of examples from across CNN’s broadcast history that prove his point, Stewart mocked the cable news channel for making even Michele Bachmann’s answers seem too complicated.

“The beautiful thing about good/bad is, like beige, it goes with everything in an equally unsatisfying manner,” he says. After showing a clip of Wolf Blitzer forcing Bachmann to give a simple “good or bad” answer, Stewart adds, “Just want to make this clear: that’s Michele ‘I think vaccines give you brain damage’ Bachmann being told by Wolf Blitzer to dumb it down.”

He notes that it’s not like CNN is pressed for time. After all, it is a 24-hour news station. “We don’t have all day! Well, actually we do literally have all day 24 hours, seven days a week, but still, good or bad!” Stewart quips.

Of course, CNN isn’t the only network to pose the “good or bad” question. The other channels like Fox News and MSNBC just seem to clearly know the answer when they ask it. “CNN, they genuinely seem not to know,” Stewart says. “So much so, that they need to use their phone-a-friend help line,” he adds, showing CNN’s tendency to poll viewers on whether certain news events are good or bad things.

“I don’t want to say that by reducing complex stories to their most reductive mood ring essence you think we’re children, I’m just saying if this is the direction you’re going in I can save you a lot of money on correspondence,” Stewart says as his closing gibe, then showing a clip from the 1993 “Say No To Drugs” PSA featuring Penny from “Pee Wee’s Playhouse.” What do you think about Stewart’s takedown of CNN: good thing or bad thing?


Posted by:Terri Schwartz