christian bale the dark knight rises 'The Dark Knight Rises': Christian Bale on his sweaty BatsuitChristian Bale has been done filming “The Dark Knight Rises” for quite some time now, but he apparently misses his Batsuit. The film, which is the third and final one of Christopher Nolan‘s trilogy is almost upon us and Bale tells that he loved it, despite the heat.

“You know, for all the kind of discomfort, and all the heat and the
sweat and the headaches and everything from it, when you sit back and
watch the movie at the end of the day you end up going, ‘That’s (expletive)
cool!’ So, I will. I will miss it,” he says. That suit does look incredibly uncomfortable, but it’s the Batsuit! How could you not miss being in that?

“There’s an awful lot of new discoveries,” Bale continues, saying that the film takes place a number of years after “The Dark Knight” concludes. He says that there are, “Truths coming out, and the
whole question of what’s the correct thing to do, you know? Continue
with lies and make people feel good, or have the truth come out and
devastate and ruin people’s lives?  So yes, absolutely. It goes back to ‘Batman Begins’ and ‘The Dark Knight’ and deals with an awful lot from both of those movies.”

“The Dark Knight Rises” will hit theaters on July 20, 2012.

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