marin ireland the divide finale 'The Divide' finale: Multiple deaths make Season 2 a must haveThe Season 1 finale of “The Divide” was cruising along at a leisurely pace for 45 minutes and then the last act of the episode left me with my heart in my throat until the final frames. Be warned: Don’t keep reading if you don’t want to be spoiled.

After last episode, we all knew Eric Zale was responsible for the Butler murders. He confessed to Terry what he did — all strung out on drugs and obviously a disturbed person to begin with, growing up with an overbearing, probably abusive father, and who has no sense of right and wrong — Zale snapped during Jared’s bungled robbery attempt and decided to kill the whole family.

But just when the viewers think the show is going to neatly trap Zale and have Season 2 be about how everyone can put him in jail with Zale’s powerful father working against them, Zale figures out he’s being set up by Bobby and Danny, snaps and stabs them both to death in a sharp left turn the show suddenly took. The visceral violence was startling and sent my stomach clenching and pulse racing the same way the pilot episode did.

Now, Danny may not be dead. I think that one is left up in the air. But I’m pretty sure Bobby is a goner.

Speaking of which, Bobby’s sister Billie went off to meet up with the Attorney General and has possibly vanished. Do you suppose Stanley Zale got to her?

Either way, deranged Eric finds his way to Christine’s apartment after getting Danny’s wallet and he attacks her. Terry drags Eric off and beats him up some — and you think it’s going to stop there, but suddenly Terry shoves Danny’s gun in Eric’s mouth and pulls the trigger. Eric Zale is dead, his brains blown out all over Christine’s kitchen floor.

Christine is ready to protect Terry by any means necessary and she dumps the body in an alley, only to return and find Terry gone.

I hope this show gets renewed because I’m dying to find out what Season 2 will be. The Season 1 finale definitely zigged when I thought it was going to zag, but without it feeling completely out of nowhere. I applaud the intensity and the lack of fear in going to such a frenetic, intense place.

What got slightly lost in the dramatic Eric Zale climax is the fact that Christine not only lied about her father’s alibi, but her mother’s family may have buried evidence that could prove her father’s innocence. So I suspect her father’s case will play a bigger role in Season 2.

What did you think of “The Divide” Season 1 finale?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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