the event episode 3 320 'The Event': Crashes! Gunfights! Bodies! It's crazy, and that's OKThe advance buzz on episode three of “The Event” was that it was the one where things really kicked into gear. The show seems to have found its footing, the early line went, and become more assured than the previous two episodes while still spinning out a fine thriller yarn.

Having watched the show now, it’s really tough to give it a pass on the “more assured” front. Not after an episode that channeled “24”-esque levels of implausibility (hello, random RV driver!) and which continued to dance around one of the central questions it’s posed in previous episodes.

But the implausible stuff, and the cool/creepy final scene in the Avias 514 morgue, and the fact that the feds (the actual feds, not the bad-guy, possible black-ops feds represented by Vicky et al) now know about Sean? That’s all pretty fun stuff. We reserve the right to become enormously frustrated somewhere down the line if the show runs off the rails, but for now we’re willing to enjoy the ride.

So, on to what we learned (or didn’t) in Monday’s (Oct. 4) episode:

Learned: Elias Martinez is a very hands-on president. His multiple visits with Sophia are somewhat understandable — he thought he was doing her a solid, and she goes and keeps, like, a million extra secrets from him. But visiting the crash site in Arizona? Come now — even in a show like this, the president needs plausible deniability.

Learned: Sean is on the government’s radar. That’s a pretty encouraging development, actually. “The Event” can’t wait forever to start intertwining its plot threads, and it seems logical that the crash investigation would turn up Sean and that Blake Sterling would take an interest in him.

Learned: Sean has some useful skills of his own. He earned a full ride to MIT after hacking into the Pentagon at age 16, and he’s pretty doggedly resourceful when necessary.

Learned: The detainees and their outside-world counterparts have some serious power. That final scene made for a wonderful visual, and it gave us an even better sense that the nonhumans who crashed in Alaska in 1944 can do some really strange and wonderful things. However:

Not learned: Anything more about who the non-humans are. Or for that matter, why, if they can make planes disappear from the sky and cause 183 people to appear dead then revive a day or so later, they haven’t busted out of Mt. Inostranka in six-plus decades.

Not learned: Why Sophia and Co. are still so unwilling to discuss anything about their nature or why they’re here. It’s secret enough that she has the loose-lipped William whacked for offering to tell (by his own girlfriend, no less — double ouch), but it’s still entirely inscrutable. As much story-telling ground as has been covered in other parts of the show, it’d be nice to get at least a little hint of what’s going on here. Heck, we’d settle for an indication that someone from the government knows more about them than we do, but that hasn’t really been the case so far.

Not learned: Who Vicky/Erica/choose your alias, D.B. Sweeney and the rest of the people behind the kidnapping of Leila and the hijacking plot are working for. Our early money is on either Sterling or the vice president, and we’re guessing the conversation between the two men early in the episode will be seen in a new light a littler farther down the road.

This episode of “The Event” wasn’t a game-changer for us, but we’re sticking around for the ride nonetheless. What’s your take?

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Posted by:Rick Porter