nick wauters the event 320 'The Event': Creator Nick Wauters promises answers, and quick“The Event” brought up all kinds of questions in its season premiere Monday, but creator Nick Wauters says viewers won’t have to wait too long to start having them answered.

Not too long as in, like, next Monday (Sept. 27).

“That’s pretty much the goal we set for ourselves,” Wauters says. “Whatever mysteries we set up, we try to solve them pretty quickly so the audience can join the party at any time, and also you don’t frustrate people. I always say we want to keep our audience hungry but not frustrate them. That’s definitely a model we want to continue.”

One of the bigger questions coming out of the premiere concerns the nature of Sophia (Laura Innes) and her fellow detainees at Mt. Inostranka. Wauters says at least a partial answer will come next week: “The question of who the detainees are … is actually something that will be answered in the second episode.”

There’s a “but” with that: “But in the grand scheme of the show, that’s really a minor detail. The Event is really something much bigger that will happen,” Wauters says.

Aside from the Event itself — which is due to be revealed late this season or possibly early into a second season — Wauters wants to keep at least one other element a mystery: the backward “E” in the show’s title.

“It’s something that … well, actually, I can’t really tell you,” he says. “Maybe it does mean something.”

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Posted by:Rick Porter