jason ritter2 event 320 'The Event' recap: Another Setup EpisodePresident Elias Martinez and CIA Director Blake Sterling can’t decide what to do about Simon Lee, who they know is a secret agent for the aliens. So they decide to let him wander off and call Sophia so they can listen in on the conversation. Unfortunately for them, there’s another mole in the White House, who leads Simon to freedom in a manner suspiciously similar to the way that Neo got out of that office building near the beginning of The Matrix.

So now that they’ve lost track of Simon, Martinez needs to start a new program to find any other moles in the White House. It’s his new Number One Priority! He tells Senator Catherine Lewis (you remember her as the spunky Alaskan Senator who stumbled upon the Inostranka files) to spread around a story about a phony TB scare so they can test the DNA of every single American, starting with the ones in the White House. And everyone in the White House agrees to it, with the significant exception of the First Lady, who I will remind you is almost definitely an alien. I told you several episodes ago. AND YOU CALLED ME MAD!

Simon’s escape takes him to the gated community that Thomas set up, so I guess that place is close to Washington, DC. Which I think is dumb. In retrospect, I think they should have set up their community in a different country. Let President Martinez freak out while all the aliens hang out in Canada, right? At least, until the other two million of them show up. Sophia’s preparing to kill a bunch of humans to make room, which Simon objects to. So he’s taken away for prompt murdering. Incidentally, it looks like Simon is both Thomas’s father and Sophia’s son. So: incestuous aliens. Forget it, Jake. It’s Alientown.

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